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Think to Yourself Quest Objectives: Promo

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I'll just be posting this here on this mod, because the mod itself isn't finished yet and I am NOT planning on uploading a place holder until it's finished.

Think to Yourself Quest Objectives is a mod that enhances your game-play a step further. Currently in full development, its goal is to change every quest objective into First Person.

But not that alone, it will have a Demo, packs for Personalities, every quest (including radiant ones!), DLC support, and it'll be easy to translate.

Its core, remains the same, yet not the same.
Some Q.OS. have been rewritten because Bethesda was too lazy, and/or it didn't made sense until you figured it out yourself.

Personality packs are add-ons for the mod that are especially for you if you're fully into RolePlay.
Each quest is being proof read by multiple people, outsiders / insiders, to ensure you get the best experience whilst using the mod.

The demo version will only have Unbound changed, this is for you to try it out without going through the hassle / fear.

It's a mod I haven't seen before here, so I decided to drop everything (including the games I play when I'm not playing Skyrim that I absolutely love to play!) and work hard & push myself on finishing the mod.
I even pushed myself to work on the mod with a terrible headache & stomach ache, and feeling dizzy just to get it finished this week. Just for you guys! Because I want to do something back, other than a book, to show my appreciation for all the pleasure you guys brought me in my game with your mods! <3

So yeah, expect the mod to be released this week.

DLC & personalities are added later on, translators interested in translating contact me, beta testers interested in trying to break the sjit out of it to be sure it makes sense no matter what message me, paparazzi interested in an interview, ask my cat. He's my manager. :)

Come get it once it's finished. ^^
People interested in helping me out with the radiant quests to speed up progress, message me!
[ image will be replaced in a few mins guys, sorry! I'll make it smaller, this is originally the "Currently Available" list image ]

Think To Yourself Quest Objectives is not affiliated with Think to Yourself Messages, nor endorsed by Think to Yourself Messages' author VorpalBlades.

Think to Yourself Quest Objectives' purpose is not to confuse people with Think to Yourself Messages from VorpalBlades but simply it's purpose is to give people an addition to VorpalBlades' mod by changing the quest objectives. VorpalBlades was not involved in the making of.
Thank you for being my inspiration, Vorpal. :3

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This one wants to know if there'll be a personality pack for khajiit.




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In response to post #8194151.

Yes there will. (Sorry for the delayed reply)

But I will need a Khajit player for that as I never played a Khajit myself, and thus can't provide the "feel" it should give. Those who are interested can shoot me a message.

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