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Not sure what's missing... Redux animations and Immersive Animatio


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In the Immersive Animations video demonstrating the various changes, Bergzore shows the dual wield dagger changes that are used in conjunction with Redux Dual Sheath, I'm specifically looking at the sheathed dual daggers part. My daggers animate sheathing on the back, but then all I get is the left hip mesh for the scabbard (singular).

I've downloaded XP 32's Maximum Skeleton, Immersive Animations, and Redux Dual Sheath.

Installed them in that order.


What I'm thinking the problem is, I remember briefly seeing something about needing a certain mod/file for the scabbards on the back, but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere on the Nexus or using google.

I really love the new animations from these mods, but I won't use them if I end up with the default sheathed mesh, just looks too silly.


Thanks in advance for any help :)



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a bit about your setup? are you using FNIS, do you have a custom race which comes with a custom skeleton (eg. Ningheim) together with a custom skeleton? You're sure you have downloaded and installed the correct IA package;



"Draw/sheathe animations for dual daggers at back hip--requires XPMS dagger hip 1hand back version and Dual Sheath Redux--replaces the dagger draw/sheathe animations"


So, check if you have the correct XPMS skeleton setup... Install options lets you pick "Back Hip Dagger and Back 1H Sword" make sure your using the same skeleton on any custom race you might have.


Install IA first, then XPMS and after that Dual Sheath redux, if it still doesn't work download the optional file above from IA page and install - click Yes on overwrite.




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I'm not using FNIS.

I have Zazemel's Drow Race, however the problem occurs on default Redguard race and Khajiit.

I downloaded "Immersive Animations - NMM Installer - Complete Pack v2.0"

I downloaded "Dual Sheath Redux v1.6b"

I downloaded "XP 32's Massive Skeleton v1.81"

I have SKSE v0.1.6.15

I have Skyrim v1.9.32.0

I have Dawnguard



In the XPMS installer I made sure to check the Back Hip Dagger option and the other option after it.


I installed IA first, then XPMS, and finally DSR. Then I install the animations below knowing (through checking data files present in the zip files) that none of the dual wield nor dagger animations/meshes are being replaced. Mystic Knight alters RH 1h melee + LH spell animation, which has affected maces, swords, axes, and daggers (since it alters 1h melee animations). Mystic Knight alters 1h sword/melee and magic, Zweihander alters 2h sword, 360 W&RP alters third person sheathed-weapon movement, Bowlegged jump anim Fix alters jump.


The current animation mods I have are

Bowlegged jump anim Fix

YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight

YY Anim Replacer - Zweihander

360 Walk and Run Plus

Immersive Addons

Dual Sheath Redux



The sheath animation for dual wield daggers works 100% perfectly. The issue is the mesh of the scabbard, it's on my left hip. When I sheath my dual daggers I go through the motion of putting them right above my butt, however the dagger (singular, right hand weapon) appears on my left hip.

I do not have any mods that change default armors, I am currently wearing Elven Armor on my Drow (female), I am wearing Orcish Armor on my Redguard (female), and I am wearing Nightengale Armor on my Khajiit (male).


Need any other info? Just ask, I'll be happy to provide more.



EDIT: Actually, I think I may have found the culprit. My Java was v6.22, DSR requires v7.21. D'oh!

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