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Skyrim not recognising my NMM?

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Hi there


After thrashing it for 100s of hours on PS3 I have just start recently bought skyrim on PC to mod (late to the party I know).


I have used NMM for FONV and never had a problem there, however I seem to have problem after problem with skyrim.


With NV I didn't mod it too heavily so I never had a problem with load order however with skyrim I had over 100 mods that I wanted to try and the order wasn't right so it kept crashing. Because of this I tried not using so many mods. It wasnt too bad until I realised that skyrim wasnt recognising that I had SKSE installed. I reinstalled another few times but to no avail.


Next I tried using steam modding... I quickly realised that the options were much more limited there and when you are investing 100s of hours into a character you want to be able to use decent armour/weapons packs. So I tried using boss and TES5edit, TES5edit was only picking up my steam mods so I deleted skyrim and its mods on steam.


Now I have decided to try copy some the mods that gopher uses in his latest lets play series, I thought that would be safe. I had reinstalled skyrim, skse and each mod that I wanted to use (each with a clean install).


I am able to play with SKSE with no problem but the mods/plugins arent getting picked up by either the NMM or skyrim or getting lost on one of the cogs inbetween. 


Some things worth noting:

-The plugins.txt (C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Skyrim) has all the plugins listed that are selected in the NMM

-TES5Edit has in its log "Note: Active plugin List contains nonexistent file "ClimatesofTamriel.esm"" For each mod.


I am sure this is human error, but I cant find anyone that is having the same problem, maybe there is no one as special as me, but if you can see where I f***ed up can you let me know?






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Same Problem. I'd appreciate if a solution was found?




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Hi midgette

I haven't been able to get the NMM working for skyrim. I am still using mods using manual installs. I am still using every mod that I want so it's no biggy really.

It's tricky at first but once you understand the fundamentals it's easy. (Not as easy as NMM though)
If you need any help with manual installation, Gopher has some very informative videos on YouTube.

It's a shame no one gave me any advice but with my very limited computer knowledge I managed to get around it.

I have invested 100s of hours on this play through so I'll try work it out after I am sick of the character.

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