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[Auditions] Voice Actors needed for SpellMaking mod

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Auditions for:

Spellmaking Mod: The Last Altar

DeadLine: July 6th 2013




Hello everyone, this is KhalEdos, I’m currently working on a mod in its final Stages to reintroduce Spellmaking to Skyrim. The Mod Features a Lore-friendly FanFiction Quest, and I am currently looking for voice Actors to fill the Small but Important roles in the mod.

I have found Voice actors for many of the roles already and have been blown away by the quality of their work, but still have a number of roles that need filling.


Here are the details and samples, Look through them and let me know which ones you would like to have a go at voicing, and Email me some samples. Also feel free to link any samples or previous voice work to wish to boast. :biggrin:


My email address is kjdevonish@gmail.com, I will reply to confirm I received your Email.


I will wait until my deadline for submissions has passed and will then hopefully fill the slots with people who have auditioned.



I am looking for quality in sound, emotion and voice acting and am confident I can find all in the Voice Actors willing to offer their talents in this online community.


The Voices:

notes on pronunciation:   Xarnacus  = Zar-Nack-Kiss

                                          Evelyne =   Ev-vul-leen

                                          Vralla = Vrah-Lah


Male Voices




Erandur: cursed Altmer spirit dwelling in the Altar Chamber,Xarnacus' servant.

-high, wimpy voice




-Wait, Magister, Keep from the altar!!!, to touch the Altar is to accept The Conqueror's Challenge.



------------------Who are You?


I am Erandur, a spirit bound in service to my master, Xarnacus.

I see to it that all who stand to use the altar know the challenge that awaits.



-------------what is this, Conqueror's Challenge?



All are free to use the altar, but be warned, those who would use the altar must prove themselves worthy of its power, by defeating my master in a battle of the Arcane.


This is the price you must pay for the altars power, as he paid when he made his pacts with the Daedra, Hermaeus Mora. Thus far, none have been able to best my master. If you are dead set on your own destruction, it may be wise for you to prepare.



Otheral:  Nord, Arch Necromancer of the Olenveld Necromancers, cold. shady calculating voice.




-----You are the ArchNecromancer?


I am Otheral, I am a descendant of Nette And Jalmar. I oversee the Production of custom spells for special orders through the Nightfang.

I also aid Mistress Vralla By seeing to it that her Many Phylacteries remain attuned, that she might maintain her eyes and ears throughout Skyrim.



Yes, Vralla is unlike any normal lich, she has many phylacteries to bolster and focus her power. They have been placed in our sanctuaries and smuggling vessels to allow her to monitor the operations, but most are hidden throughout the island. They contain aspects of her power, so naturally they fall prey to powerful daedra and undead spirits.

Perhaps you can help me with this?


Commander Gunghol;  Imperial Vampire, Pirate Commander of the Nightfang Smugglers den in Skyrim,

Cynical, gruff voice


(note: sample is while character is bleeding out, coughin up blood etc.)

-You.... what do you want, Gold? Gems? Blood?

------------What do you know of Olenveld?


Olenveld?... Exodus right?! hehe...it's a could read.


------------Don't play dumb with me. You trade with them.


-And you are no doubt after the alter. Another sap trying to find the secrets of forbidden magics. Well,.. you're wasting your time friend, the altar doesn't exist.


---------Your "Necros" used silencing fire spells where else could they have learnt them.



(Anger)Even if it did you’d never live long enough to use the spells you’d crafted.

You could never survive The Conqueror's challenge.


------Conqueror's challenge?


You Don't know??  HAHAHAHAHAH, well far be it from me to spoil the surprise!



Magister Merrari:  Old, but energetic Breton wizard and adventurer, quest giver.

-elderly, shaky, semi-befuddled voice




------you wished to speak with me?


So, you're the new archmage everyone's been talking about..... I suppose you'll do. Allow me to introduce myself; Magister Merrari's the name, Adventuring is my trade... or at least it was.

I'm headed back home to High rock To live out my Twilight Years. I've seen enough of Nirn.... perhaps too much. I can't help it Travel bug, runs in the family, that and Magic.

I'm actually From a long line of mages going back almost to the second era,

Why, my great great Grandfather Worked as an arcane crafter, gifted in the arts of spellmaking...... before he lost his mind.




-One of the lost arts of Tamriel, You see, up until the end the third era from all around, there were mages throughout Tamriel who were adept at combining spell effects from different schools of magic into one! Allowing for multiple effects to be applied with a single spell. For a modest fee, these wizards would use there skill to craft custom spells for those willing to pay. There were even Altars, magical research stations where one could craft spells in a similar fashion.


-----------------How would that be useful?\


-Well, just think!... Imagine a fireball spell that Paralyzed enemies caught in the blast,

Or a frenzy spell that enhanced the targets melee attacks, fortifying them against their former comrades.

Or a chain lightning spell that silenced enemies and made them more vulnerable to your spells. You could trick-shot the lightning around wards and cripple enemy casters! The possibilities abound!!



Ontnan: breton, peasant, Merrari's old friend and informant.

high wimpy, voice



(in a cage going to be fed to vampires, terrified)

-Please you've got to help me!! These...vampires are going to drain my blood!!


-----Who are you?

I'm Ontnan, They Caught me snooping around there den, If you don't get me out, they'll kill me!!




Fake Ontnan: an imposter used to lure the player into a trap

strong, shady Orcish thug-like voice.




-You must the one with the questions huh? I'm Ontnan, alright, let's get this over with.

I'll answer your questions, but not hear, the Nightfang's ears are everywhere you see. Somewhere more secluded.


-I promise all your questions will be answered, follow me.






Quentias Voreenus: dead spirit Imperial Synod Battlemage, bound to Xarnacus' Service,

Disembodied, remorseful




--You have great skill, perhaps you will be the one to end this madness.


----Who are you?


My name is Quentias Voreenas, I was battlemage of the College of whispers, I sought out the Alars power, believing it might give the Empire the Edge it needed against the Aldmeri Dominion.


---------What can you tell me of the Altar


Mora altered it somehow, and the Daedra lord cares nothing for Septims. It deals in souls, as in soul gems, Filled soul gems to fuel crafted spells. Bring plenty with you and it might be a good idea cast soul trap on more than a few of your foes as you search the keep… just a thought.





Corren Gavos: Dead Spirit of a Telvani Magelord, bound to Xarnacus' service.

remorseful, humble, disembodied dunmer voice:




You are wise to seek the wisdom of those who have failed before you.. Archmage.

----Who are you? 

I am Corren Gavos, I was a MageLord of the Great House Telvanni. When Our tower was Destroyed by the Argonians I fled, Taking what tomes and scrolls I could Salvage. It was that night they came for me. I would only realize decades later. In a flash of light and Shadow, before I cast a Jump spell to flee the tower. That was the night I lost my knowledge of spellcrafting. I came here, to reclaim what they had stolen.



Ugrul Gro-Shak: Dead Spirit of an Orcish Shaman of the Dragontail Holds, Bound to Xarnacus' service.

Gruff, Proud Orcish voice.




-Well fought, Magister, you are cunning, but cunning alone won't save you.


----Who are you?


I am Ugrul Gro-Shak, A shaman of the Dragontail Holds. My Chieftain Father shunned my Fascinations with the Arcane, and I left My Stronghold, to pursue Wild Magics. My Travels lead me here to retrieve the Altar.


-----What can you tell me of the Altar?

I threw everything I HAD at Xarnacus and he kept taking. Make no mistake; This Is a battle of attrition, no need for subtlety or discretion; Pull out all the stops. Remember you can cast any spell you don’t want into the void afterwards…. If you survive of course.






Female Voices 



 Evelyne Brolus:    Undead spirit of a Breton NightBlade and Shadowmage, bound to Xarnacus' Service,

Sultry Feminine Voice disembodied undead effects.




Bear witness, Challenger, this is what awaits you should you fail.


----Who are you?


I am Evelyne Brolus An Assassin and NightBlade, on a contract to kill a hedge wizard, in the Wrothgarian Mountains. I uncovered the secrets of Shadow Magic. I learned of the Altar slaying vampires, and sought its knowledge to merge the umbra, the shadows, into living weapons.


-----------------How did Xarnacus Defeat you?


I use deadly poisons, and crafted fearsome weakness spells, to apply them. Xarnacus summons doppelgangers of himself in combat. I maintained a stealth position, waiting for him to give himself away. I struck, bending the shadows, lethally, instantly. But I struck false, it wasn’t him!!  None of them were!! He has been invisible the whole time! And I didn’t even think to use a detection spell, so sure I was that I had gotten the better of him.





Schemes-With-Trees: Undead spirit on an Argonian Histmancer, bound to Xarnacus' Service,

Gruff Argonian voice, disembodied undead Effects.


How I long for home...  to lick the sap of the Hist once more....


----Who are you?


You could never pronounce My name, but I am called Schemes-With-Trees. I was a Servant of the Hist, and agent of the An-Xileel. I was commissioned with finding Powerful Magical artifacts to fuel the Creation of a new Plague. I uncovered the Myth of the Last Altar and sought its secrets.


------How did Xarnacus Defeat you?


I designed spells that drew out magic attacks over time, that would wither away his vitality and magics like a pestilence. It would have worked, but as the battle progressed he channeled magic to dispel my attacks before there damage could take hold. In the end I ran out of magicka plain and simple.







--Voice effects on the undead Characters are a big plus. (don't let it discourage you if you can't to add them I can put them in later :cool: )


Looking forward to hearing from you all!!(pun intended) :biggrin:




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Did you ever get this mod out?




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Did you get anyone to voice it?


Happy to help out if you didn't
Here's my website for VO clips
Let me know if I can be of any service

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