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Shriekwind Bastion Word Wall

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Okay - my fellow Skyrim Wizards and Mages -


I got told to Find the Source of the power in Shriekwind Bastion.


So I go - and find that wall has a well known BUG in it. You cannot learn the word!


So I did some search and found that you have to use the console command to finish the quest.


Fine - entered the console command and Quest Removed - but NO word learned. So I left it "blank" (did not use the console command to Teach Word) to see what would happen?


Got a new "letter from friend" telling me to go to Shriekwind (again) - so this time again BUG is "there" used the command to Finish Quest - found the word I am suppose to learn - Used command to 'teach' and went on my marry way ... thinking (foolish me) that I had "done it!"


Another 3rd "Letter from Friend" - Go to .... (NO NOT THERE!) but to Shriekwind Bastion again!!


So is there a command or what ever to break this stupid cycle?


The commands I used:


~ SetStage WICastMagic04 200 (to finish the Quest) Quest WAS Removed.

~ Player.TeachWord (Code) for Elemental Fury (found on line) Word was "learned".


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Side Note: Since I did this, I am apparently still good with other Word Walls. Entered the Dark Brotherhood and the Word Wall went active and word appeared and was learned.

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