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Qarl's Texture Pack 3 Redimized Help!

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In the read me, it says to create an omod because there are tons of files that would be a pain in the ass to remove if i didnt like the mod. I want to be able to remove the mod so... how do you create an omod AND apply it to the game (yes i downloaded the Oblivion Mod Manager). Please be specific because I don't know anything about this OMOD stuff.




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Okay, don't worry, it's very easy. First, I assume you have the Quarl's Texture Pack 3 Redimized in the .zip format, right?

Launch Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM to be shorter). In the main screen, you'll see the buttons "Activate", "Create", "Edit" and "Load". Click on "Create", it will open up a new screen, called "omod creator".

In this new screen, you will have tons of buttons. Just search the "Add archive" one. Click on it. It will ask you where is located the archive you want to make an OMOD of. Just select Quarl's Texture Pack 3 Redimized and click open. Let OBMM work (it can take a while because of the number of the files). Then, when it will be finished (you'll know when it will be) you will notice no change in the "omod creator" window, but don't worry, your files are still there ! Now, you have to give at least a name to your OMOD, the most simple would be QTP3Rd or something like that.

When it's done, click on the "create omod" in the bottom right corner of the "omod creator" window. It will certainly display a message warning you that you didn't fill all the informations for your OMOD but don't worry, that's not really important. Proceed and let your computer work. It will certainly take a long time, because again of the number of files. When it will be finished, anyway, it will display a message, something like "omod successfully created" (or it should ! ;) ).

Once you got that message, you can close the "omod creator" window and go back to the main window. You'll see then that a line with the name of your omod has appeared, with a small green square next to it (green meaning that there's no problem, red that there are conflicts, but that's not really a problem here). Click on it, then click on the "Activate" button. Let OBMM work and when it's done, the green square should turn to blue. Maybe it will ask you if you want to replace some files, maybe it will tell you that some files already exist and are not associated with an omod. Click yes in that case (CTRL+click yes if you want to say yes to all - but at your own risks !).

And BOOM ! It's done ! ;) QTP3Rd is now an OMOD and has been applied to your game ! But i recommend that, after that, you proceed to an Archive invalidation (on OBMM main screen : Utilities->archive invalidation) to avoid conflicts and missing textures.

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