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Superior in game object placement control Decorator mod idea for Skyri

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I don't know if a mod like this exists in Skyrim, but I know of a great mod for Morrowind called Decorator+ .  It allows the player to choose a hot key on a keyboard to assign to bringing up the decorator menu.  Once set any clutter object, armor, or weapon in morrowind that is movable can be choosen simply by holding the crosshair over it and pressing the hot key for Decorator.  A menu comes up with options for positioning and rotating the object.  Once an option is selected the object can be rotated or positioned with the arrow keys and pageup pagedown keys similar to placing an object in the construction set.  The object can be put anywhere - tables, bookshelves, display cases, etc.  Could someone with scripting skill make this for Skyrim?  I used Skyrim's built in object placement control in first person.  This is much better and you can even pause and set back in the middle of positioning the object and reposition it.  When done you just had to hit enter, the menu came up you hit back then done.


The few faults I found was in placing objects high beyond the characters main level of site, such as on a high shelf, and I thought the exit could be quicker - like when enter is pressed a prompt comes up asking continue or exit.  If continue it takes it back to the main menu, if exit the menu closes and the decorator mode ends until the hot key is pressed again while the crosshair is selecting an object like it does before you pick up an object in the game.  Also it put the player in sneak mode on exiting - easy to fix, I just toggle out of sneak mode, but it would be better if it exited without putting the player in sneak mode.


I have never done any scripting for the Elder Scrolls Games and only a little for other games, but if someone with good scrpting skills would take this on it would be a good mod.  It makes placing books and other objects very easy and they stay where they are put.  Also could it by expanded to moving furniture, pictures, rugs, crafting equipment, etc.  If adapted to Hearthfire it could give a player the option of repositioning furniture, weapons racks, forges, and other items where they want them in game instead of just accepting the default placement.  Also It could allow any furniture, pictures, rugs, etc. bought to be put anywhere even in a modded house.


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