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28 step stress test

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Use this forum for any posts relating to the 28 step test. Thank you.
* Preferably, print these instructions out if you are going to do the test.
That way the error can be reproduced.

START of Test:

Step 1. Start a new game using Arthmoor's alternate start mod.
Step 2. Choose the "I'm camping in the woods" option.
Step 3. Configure your mods via the MCM menu
Step 4. At the campsite configure the SoT mod and wait 4 minutes.
Step 5. Save and exit the game to the desktop.

Step 6. Load the game and walk/run from the camp site to Riverwood.
Walk/run in more or less a straight line. Fight any bandits/wolves
if you want to.

Step 7. Talk to Alvor in Riverwood and start the main quest.
Step 8. Walk/run from Riverwood to Whiterun Stables.
Step 9. At Whiterun stables, hire the carriage to Solitude.
Step 10. Go slightly to Katla's farm until it is discovered.
Step 11. Wait 11 hours until around 8am in game.
Step 12. Walk/run to Solitude main doors and enter Solitude.
Step 13. Walk/run to the Blue palace and (after the dialogue)
talk to Falk Firebeard until the Wolfskull Cave Quest starts.

Step 14. Exit the blue palace.
Step 15. FAST TRAVEL to Katla's farm.
Step 16. From there walk/run to wolfskull cave following the road.
Step 17. Fight the skeletons outside Wolfskull Cave, and enter the cave.
Step 18. Make sure to pick up the Two Handed Axe on the ground at the
start of the cave.

Step 19. Make your way through the cave (you can fight the monsters
but it is not necessary)

Step 20. At the top of the tower find the Potema-demon summoning
priestess and dispatch her with your axe (it should say Talk to Falk
Firebeard on your screen, check it in the quest menu if you are not sure)

Step 21. Pull the lever to put the bridge down and cross over the bridge.

Step 22. OPEN the chest on the other side of the bridge. (Usually it
will crash here if you have too many mods that add levelled lists to
the game)

Step 23. Otherwise, continue until you exit Wolfskull cave. SoT can
add a LOT of enemies to the cave exit at this point. Somehow exit the
cave. Do not die, otherwise it will mess up the test.

Step 24. This is where the test really begins... do NOT fast travel!
Walk/run back to Solitude, following the road (i.e. the way you came)

Step 25. As you approach Solitude there is an archway, then after that
there are the main Solitude doors. IF your game is unstable it will
usually crash to desktop (CTD) at the archway, or just after you enter the
Solitude main entrance.

Step 26. IF you make it into Solitude, continue on to Falk Firebeard at the
Blue Palace and complete the quest.

Step 27. Exit the Blue palace and fast travel anywhere on the game map.

Step 28. Try to do whatever you can to make the game crash. If the game
is still running, it will probably run for hours.

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I added the cleanup script from nightmare spawns to the sot dungeon spawns, theory being that leaving behing too many bodies or spawned npcs could be the problem. But this just makes the game ctd at step 24, surprisingly.




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In response to post #10698336.

Not had a chance to test this issue yet but will do :)
Tony, it would be worth copying pasting the whole step process post so there is some reference here in this thread without having to look at the buried post.

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In response to post #10698336. #10698534 is also a reply to the same post.

Will do!




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In response to post #10698515.

Well I could crash a couple of times at the crossroads at the bottom before turning left to go back to solitude but nothing related to sot, I did have a legendary dragon that attacked at the arches on the way back. but again no crash there but before I even got to the arches.

The next step is unchecking the mods and going through them as to which one is crashing out. that's longer than the 28 steps lol ;) And of course my mod list is going to be different, but still it is crashing a few times so I need to look at it.

btw mine is on my main save game not a new one. I'm lvl 94 now and not backing down to start all over again lol ;)

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Oiscao1 said "If it was Tullius that was causing the crash then the game should be crashing at step 12 (when you first enter Solitude) but it doesn't."

However, with the previous issue with Tullius and Ulfric from LAL not appearing while choosing the 'Camping in the Woods' option did not cause crashes, even when entering Soitude and Castle Dour it wouldn't crash (they were just perpetually stuck as if you'd not completed 'Unbound' and you could not advance). If there is a subtle quest-stage error I don't think it would cause a crash or even be noticeable until it got to a point where that quest stage is needed in order to progress the story (so with CWO there was never any crashes as you could never actually start the Civil War with the bug). Again, iduno if this is helpful, but my hunch is something to do with quest-stages is involved here somehow (it seems like something isn't setting up right in Solitude to allow for turning in the quest after running through the cave).

Though, to add to my above comment, it seems the issue for some may be spawn numbers? My beefy rig still gets its butt kicked by big spawn areas and dungeons jam packed with mobs, and as Wolfskull Cave is one of the larger dungeons with a ton of spawns, maybe that has something to do with it?



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In response to post #10698515. #10701094 is also a reply to the same post.

@ SLOB - That crossroads area near the cave is one of the most resource heavy areas in the game and a frequent source of CTDs for people (I think it's really, really easy to hit the VRAM/RAM limit even with ENBboost around that spot). From what I remember that area puts similar stress on the system as the walk from Riverwood to the Guardian Stones or from Riverwood up to Bleak Falls Barrow in terms of hogging GPU resources.

Also, super jelly you've got a save all the way to 94! It seems I'm perpetually stuck at level 1-20 due to testing mods/patches/beta-work/screwing up something basic (I got to 30 a few weeks back and was very impressed the save made it so long, lol). As soon as my new GPU arrives I too will be starting a long haul game going to one hundo.

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In response to post #10701610.

refusedzero: I tend to agree it is spawn numbers . I thought it was left over dead bodies / npcs but no. I ran my last test wit surface encounters disabled, to make sure that script was not involved. My next test would be with dungoen script running but not spawning anything at all to see if it still crashes. Looking forward to what you and Slob find.

Oisaco1: while some code is used from Nightmare, the scope of SOT is much larger than nightmare. The spawning system itself is 100% different. I do not use a grid. The Nightmare programmer is a math genius, and did fancy calculations with grids, time , and space that I do not even understand. Thus his solution of 12 per grid and so on is not easily duplicate.




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In response to post #10698515. #10701094, #10701759 are all replies on the same post.

I'll keep an eye on the vram at that section but throughout the game I've always got well over 1gb left. I have modified a lot of the textures myself. Rocks for example are 1k, 1k is just enough to make them look like rocks and even when you get up close the pixelation is not really noticeable but makes them look rough.
Water is using the pure waters mod but scaled down to 512 with no noticeable loss in quality (could probably go lower on those). Also using enboost with real vision enb settings.
Using the noise texture for far away distance texture, that looks good.

I don't think the ctds are a result of too many spawns though, I've had it crash a couple of times with just a few

Yea the 94 save is pure determination and has been salvaged many times through the 2 clean mods lol over all the changes from mods etc..




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In response to post #10701610. #10702406 is also a reply to the same post.

re: "The Nightmare programmer is a math genius, and did fancy calculations with grids, time ,
and space that I do not even understand. Thus his solution of 12 per grid and so on is not easily duplicate."

So the way i see it we have three options:

Option 1. Try to fix the problem (which might be nearly impossible given the fact that none of us are math geniuses)

Option 2. Live with the problem. We can still complete the quest, as you said
earlier, by saving before Solitude, then reloading and entering Solitude.

Option 3. Use the Nightmare mod and the Random Encounters mod (MCM version) for spawns.
And maybe use a Super-cut-down version of Sands of Time for
(rare) walking encounters only.

I would prefer option 3.

Option 1. is too much work for you guys, and frankly there's better things
for you to do over Christmas, even if fixing Skyrim bugs together is fun :)

Option 2. will be fine for most people. It's not like these bugs are
game breaking.

Option 3. would be useful for people who have had it with Skyrim crashes
and want a modded build that is as stable as vanilla Skyrim.

so the question is: How difficult would it be to create a Sands of Time Super Lite version?

No aded sugar
No added flavorings

There wouldn't be any bugs to fix since you would just be cutting stuff out
not adding new code.

That way those who want a maximum crash free game, can get the spawns from
nightmare and random encounters and the assassination attempts from Sands.

You could cut out:

* falling down a hole
* Kidnappings
* dungeon encounters (there's enough going on in dungeons usually i think)

If not, i think Skyrim is interesting enough now with all the extra spawns
from the other mods.

All that is missing is a little extra seasoning and some gravy from Sands,
and we have something super tasty. But even without sands right now, the game
is playable (-ish)

The only thing i really miss is those random assassination attempts in the
worldspace... and only Sands can do that.


But let's see... maybe there a decimal point missing somewhere in the code,
and fixing that would magically make the mod work. Who knows?
If we could just isolate the problem...

Otherwise options 2 or possibly 3 will have to do

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