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Oblivion Graphics

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Is there a way to lower my graphics from medium to lowest, because my PC literally sucks, especially the video card. I hardly made oblivion run without problem (white or black screens) with some oldblivion thing or w/e its called, but there are still some texture problems. Sometimes when i'm riding my horsey there is something like...a blanked over the grass that is higher than me, and i see nothing under it, unless i move my camera under it, so i tough: Hmmm, maybe if i lower my graphics to the minimum that will fix. i opened the options menu, but i saw nothing except some texture size or w/e, then i opened the oblivion launcher, options and again nothing. It's like...graphics set them selves automatically depending on your PC, but i would risk some shiny, fancy graphics, in order to play a cool game like oblivion.
If anyone knows the answer, please post here. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.



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When you start Oblivion and it loads to the screen where you can "Continue," "Load," the game, etc.- under "Options" you should see a menu with:


Those aren't all the exact selections or in the right order I'm sure, but one of the selections is video. The video settings are there. Choosing that should allow you to change screen resolution which it sounds like you're trying to do. Do you have any mods installed? This sounds like a problem I've had when installing certain mods that alter terrain or locations. If so, your load order could also be the culprit.

But then again, sometimes the game, if not on a machine strong enough will show weird things like that. But if you want to lower the screen resolution, the above mentioned is where you need to go. Also check the Control Panel of your system to see if your video card has an icon there to alter the settings. I have an Nvidea graphics card and it has its own settings options as well, like to turn off anti aliasing and what not.

Hope this helps, good luck with it. Hopefully someone with more savvy than me will come along and offer some tips as well. Be sure to check the pinned topics here on the forums. They have tips for optimizing graphics. Also check the articles in the mods sections. Again good luck!



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Oblivion does auto-set your graphics options, it happens the first time you play. You should be able to access the settings by clicking Options in the main menu or by clicking the games default launcher shortcut ( not OBSE ) to make the Data Menu appear. I believe the Data menu also appears if you remove and then reinsert the game disc.

Whichever method you use, before you completely turn down all your settings, try just getting rid of the things that cause the most trouble on less powerful PC's: turn off grass since it is causing problems, turn off shadows and reflections, turn off HDR, and then see how the game runs.

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