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Registry Reviver

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I use gamebooster to stop my computer going blue screen on me, and when I downloaded the new version, an ad came up for Registry Reviver. Apparently its a best choice for free software in its category, according to this majorgeeks.com website. So does anyone know if its good/safe or not?



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If it is advertised, and free, then it probably has some advertising attached, or one of the extra toolbars such as ask which tracks your usage. Usually there is an option during the install that allows you to disable any extras that you don't want installed along with the free software.

I have used ccleaner (also available at Major Geeks) for quite a while. It comes in 3 flavors - standard, with an extra useless add on toolbar, :down: Slim with no added stuff, :thumbsup: and portable which can be run from a USB stick and dosn't install anything on your computer. :thumbsup::thumbsup:



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I would also recommend CC cleaner if you believe you have registry problems. In cases like this, it's usually best to stick with those programs that people know about as there are a lot of scams and malware out there that pass themselves off as helpful tools.

Really though, you should only need to clean your registry if you have a habit of installing and uninstalling stuff frequently. If you don't change your install setup often, you should only run a registry cleaner when you notice that you're having problems, or it has been several months since you've last run one. Becoming too excessive about a clean registry can lead to other problems without the promised performance increases. On more modern computers, your registry has to be pretty dang bad to lead to any significant performance loss.

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CCleaner is a very good application, and Bben and Vagrant are giving you good advice when recommending it. JV16 Lite, however, is CCleaner on steroids, and I recommend JV16 Lite over CCleaner. Today I ran jv16 on my own personal machine, and it found over 1400 registry errors on a Windows 7 install that is less than two months old. CCleaner found around 200 on the same system. In fact, on systems that are really gunked up to no end, I've used Ccleaner followed by jv16 lite.

There is also a paid version of jv16, called jv16 powertools. It has the registry cleaner, plus a bunch of other goodies, such as several performance enhancing features that I have personally tested, and can say that they reliably work very well. I would recommend spending the extra 15 bucks for this instead of using other software such as gamebooster, which could potentially gunk up your system, especially if it is displaying ads. In fact I would discontinue using gamebooster if it is going to give you ads.

As for registry reviver, I wouldn't trust it.

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