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Does anyone else notice that there seems to be something intimate going on between Gorim and the dwarf noble lady? In the very first cutscene you can proposition him for sex, then when he says he hopes you'll be swept off your feet by a fighter at the Provings, and say "I could use a little sweeping" and he says "I got a magical broom just for you" or something like that... and then later on, nearing the very end of the origin story in your prison cell he calls you "my heart" if you choose the correct dialog.

I think it's too bad you never get to have sex with him or anything, because I really like Gorim a lot. Hands down one of my favourite characters, I'd really love to watch him and my lovely little dwarf girl getting it on.

It's also too bad that every single one of the origin story romances are star-crossed.

In the Human Noble, your lover always gets killed on the eve of the raid.

in City Elf your fiancee is murdered if you're a girl or rejects you if you're a guy.

In Dwarf Noble, if you're a guy you get to have sex with two girls, but they're only doing it for their own personal gain, and the one girl reappears in the Diamond Quarter when you return to Orzammar later in the game, and all she does is just b*tch at you because you knocked her up, and she bitches at you for being a lousy father because you got exiled, leaving her "to look after a casteless brat" because she's "used up her fertility" and "no other noble will screw her". And you never even get to see them get it on!

And in Dwarf Noble... if you're a female, as soon as you go to Denerim a little later in the game, you find that Gorim has already married another woman and has a child on the way and he officially dumps you. Ugh. That jerkass sure didn't wait very long for me!

Damn... I wish they could at least have sex or something lol. That would be cool.

But that brings up another question. Exactly how much time passes over the course of the whole story? You can go to Denerim immediately after the Battle of Ostagar, as soon as you leave Lothering, and initiate the heartbreaking conversation, even though progression of the story appears to have only been a couple of days. WTF? Either he got married and knocked her up the same day he left Orzammar, and dwarves have VERY fast pregnancies, or he's lying to me because he's a traitorous ass.





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well if your a mage and when you get wynne and you something about the mage tower and she tells you that it been almost a year. so maybe that much time has passed. i think it caus when you travel it takes days maybe months as your moving on foot




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Large amounts of time pass when traveling from place to place. I believe Dagna mentions that it takes two weeks to travel from Orzammar to the Circle Tower, so that gives you a brief scope of the size and distance.

I think having all the romances tragically end was the whole point. Each of the Origins were supposed to be a traumatic introduction to the world of Dragon Age, which I think they did a terrific job at.

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