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How to edit *.ncs?

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I don't want to do any programming or so... I just want to edit the talent_modal.ncs and talent_scattershot.ncs. How do I convert them to files I can edit (which Programs do I need?). Do I need to convert them back?
There are a lot of tutorials out there in the net, but they are way to deep for me. I have Toolset installed and running, but it doesn't load the *.ncs files in my override folder (combat tweaks mod installed). I just want to edit the 2 second stunning from scattershot to 10 secs. Is it really necessary to read through dozens of sites of tutorials?

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.ncs files are compiled scripts created from an .nss source file. The conversion is one way - you can't edit .ncs files. What you need to do is find the corresponding .nss file (the author of combat tweaks has made his/her source files available so download that) and find the talent_modal.nss and talent_scattershot.nss files inside that archive. Open these in notepad.

Open the toolset, navigate to "Scripts" in the resource palette and find the talent_modal.nss and talent_scattershot.nss files in the resource browser. Open them in the toolset.

Now copy and paste the appropriate .nss file from notepad to the toolset, make your changes, hit save and compile. Repeat the process for the other file. - export as normal and you're done.

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