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Just cause mods!

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was wondering if someone would be nice as to make a couple of mods, not anything to big just really some simple stuff I think.

> I was thinking about would be something to replace the loading logo, something with a single female, who is nude or Vegas type nude, ( this is mature game is it not? there is sexual content, which yet to have seen. but I want some strong sexual content!) so was thinking of something along the lines of either one female or two females. rubbing on each other to show that it is loading. not loading if they not rubbing.

> another one is, to prevent you from pickpocketing someone, or accidentally stealing something. for instance you have to hold the button down for like 5 secs, and a bar grows to show you that you are close to making that negative move. and would only show that bar when you are about to steal and pickpocket.

that's really all I could come up with at the moment. so if anyone interested to help me out here let me know. PM, if no one is interested to do this but cares to point me in the right direction to make these thing possible, I am willing to learn and make my own mods to share with everyone. well thanks

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