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Got GECK now how do I make companions?

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So... I have the geck now and I have no clue as to how to work it. Okay I get a little bit of it but >.> not really... I want to create a companion that won't show up until after something has happened... and you have to go and talk to them and ask for their help. >.> SOOOO, anyone willing to help me? heh n.n; I can tell you more details as well.

-So you go to the fort after Benny escapes, there he is tied up, you have a choice to kill him or a choice to keep him alive and piss off the legion... WOOOTAGE FOR PISSING OFF THE LEGION!!

Now what i would like to do, I know I'll have to change things around a little bit, change Benny's alignment, etc. etc... >.> and change dialogue, what have you... I was thinking about, after he leaves the legion's fort you find him at the Tops though he's not the tops's leader anymore, so he has nothing in new vegas for him unless he goes with you to take over. This would strictly be on the 'you taking over' story... but hey, I liked the idea...

So can anyone help me figure out how to work dialogue and companions, and >.> spawning. yeah spawning... n.n because I would totally be able to do this myself. I know how to change the alignments of characters and that's about it.



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Please start by working through the tutorials at geck.bethsoft.com. You will have to start small, maybe adding one room, or a couple of NPC's first. The tutorials there will help you get started. Once you have made something which is small, and complete, and working, then you can learn more about creating companions and changing characters in the game. It is fun, but it takes some work to understand.




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Davidlallen is right, i didnt get much of the GECK at first, but look around on the GECK site or on youtube and there will be numerous tutorials for you, and take Davids advice; Start small, maybe with a weapon or something



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It depends on how much work you want to do/time you want to spend reading/learning/experimenting/banging your head in frustration and how clear your vision is. I disagree that you should start small. I started a year ago knowing nothing and wanted to modify a vanilla FO3 companion and did nothing but work on that and four and half months later released it. I'm now working on an NV companion. If you want it badly enough you can learn to do everything you want to do.

Here's a good companion tutorial over at the Bethesda Forums.

I also spent a lot of time in the GECK Forum at the Beth Forums searching for topics that I was trying to learn to do/put together.

Another great way to learn is to find another mod that does something that looks like you want and DL it and take it apart. Although, be warned that different mod authors do things differently and that can be a little confusing in the beginning.

To help learn the GECK scripting language there is no other tutorial butthis one.

For dialogue you can go to the wiki and look around,but this tutorial, available here at Nexus is good too.

If you are going to be working on an existing NPC you may want to add new dialogue for him. You can do this by extracting his/her voice files out of the bsa and using them again or chopping them up in a program like Audacity (free, can be DL'd on the internet and super easy to us) where you can create new lines of dialogue. To do something like that and get them back into the GECK (either as duplicates of existing dialogue or newly crafted lines) you'd need these two tuts. One helps tell you how to get the files back into the GECK and the other tells you how to get lip syncing for newly crafted lines.

Tut for how to get files into GECK

Lip Sync tutorial

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head except the willingness to look for answers whereever you can think to read them, the willingness to experiment, and, oh, ya, remember to back up your esp frequently so you don't mess it up irretrievably while you are learning.

Good luck,

:) llama

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