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What do the OBMM Colors Mean?

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I need to know what the Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) colors mean.

I know there is a read me or something i can read, but I want to make this list for the people who want to know by using google or a search engine.
I tried to make the title as general as possible.

Ok here is the list. I do not know them all. if you do, post with a better explanation and more accurately if you know.
I will only post what I think it means, please correct me if I am wrong. Also, list any missing colors and what they mean.

Green - OMOD is ready to install and has no reported conflicts, and will not overwrite any files during installation.

Blue- OMOD is installed.

Red- OMOD is not installed and conflicts/possible overwrites have been reported

Black - OMOD has not been installed and a total overwrite will be made of the files inside that OMOD is they are already installed. (Most common when reinstalling the same mod)

Orange- not known

any other colors i am missing, list them with an explanation. thanks. :thumbsup:

EDIT: also, i made this thread because of someone asking in the chatroom. so its not just to help me, sorry if i sound demanding :P



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Actually it's already in their documentation, it can be reached from the menu "help" in the main GUI.

Still your post can be useful to explain the impact those conflicts (shown by the colors) have and how to decide if it's worth installing the new mod.

RED mean the mod conflict with another, not always it's bad thing, sometimes it's indeed intended to be so. The later mod in the load order get the final word where the conflict occurs.

BLACK mean files will be overwritten, again it can be on purpose. The most common scenery where this happen is in updates where ESP/ESM overthrow the former. Assuming it will be installed anyway, The "install" order for black colored conflicts IS Meaningful, remember only the files from the last installed will remain and removing it can hinder the previous mod broken.

If is to install a mod over another which gives a black conflict, probably the former should be removed first if they are just conflicting... or NOT, if the former is to be partially updated.

As always, dealing with conflicts is a "per case" issue. General procedures must be seen just as orientations and not as guidelines. Nothing generic we might tell here can substitute the mod's documentation.

PS: Installing black colored conflicting mods should be avoided completely. If not for another reason, because the danger of one of them being deactivated afterward with serious consequences (of course lacking files is not a good thing). Once activated all OMODs becomes Blue and there is no clear information about how deactivating one affect the other.

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