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Darn UI - Help!

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Darn UI + Project Nevada?

So, a long time ago, before the great times of "Project Nevada", i tried to install the great looking, Darnified UI to my Fallout: New Vegas game. I did far from succeed. I ended up ruining my game files, with a broken Fallout.ini (For thoose of you who do not know this file, as far as i know, it's a very important settings file) There was nothing to do, as i had been stupid enough NOT to back it up before attempting the install, and neither were there any backup on the internet. Now a few days ago, and just to mention, i did have Project Nevada installed at that point, i tried to install the Darn UI again. This time, i was succesfull, and backed up all my important stuff, just in case i would have to uninstall again. Happilly, i started up my game, loaded my save, only to get the message that Project Nevada could not detect some needed packages. Something in that direction at least.

Do i need any special files? A reinstall AFTER getting Darn UI? Or do they simply not work together?

Thanks in advance,

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Darn UI and Project Nevada do work together
i know because i use the two myself

you need the Unified HUD project by Gopher, for this to work for sure (may work without it, but you should get it)

this is what was written for me, when i had some problems installing the two:

1. Deactivate Nevada and UHUD, other mods with HUD changes (if you have them)
2. Reinstall DarnUI. Don't forget to make font changes in the fallout.ini (in My Documents) and default.ini (in the game folder) for DarnUI.
3. Activate other mods with HUD changes (if you have them)
4. Activate Nevada
5. Activate UHUD
6. Reapply Archive invalidation in the FOMM--> Tools menu.

hope this solves the problem :)

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