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Shrapnel The Definitive weapon collection

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How to install this (FOMM working now) there are 2 parts and they ask if you want to replace them i already installed reload 2f and saw that shrapnel needs caliberx but reload arlready has it so i dont need it?

Shrapnel and underground armory don't function properly

plus these mods under the web version say error:

realistic headshots
stalker weapons pack
abu acu tactical outfits
underground armory
and warzones

not sure if that means anything because i have the items

Current load order:

[X] FalloutNV.esm
[X] Community Bugfix Compilation Patch.esm
[X] WARZONES - Misanthropy Pure.esm
[X] Caliber.esm
[X] MoMod.esm
[X] UHNV.esp
[X] Reload.esp
[X] Rearm.esp
[X] FreeplayafterMQNVv1_6.esp
[X] NewVegasBounties.esp
[X] Stalker Weapons Pack.esp
[X] FalloutNVCheatTerminal.esp
[X] 12gaugeHEshells.esp
[X] Ahzteks Weapon Overhaul.esp
[X] Ahzteks Impact Data (Optional).esp
[X] Ahzteks Muzzle Flashes (Optional).esp
[X] Kaya47NordicWeapons.esp
[X] Mossberg590.esp
[X] New Ammunition Reloading.esp
[X] realistic headshots.esp
[X] ABUACU.esp
[ ] ReSort.esp
[ ] RearmRebalance.esp
[ ] Rebalance.esp

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Well after you have done it for a while you'll just replace all. When you start out it's important to compare what you are about to install to what you have installed. For example if you replaced a mod with high quality content with low quality content, you would know from looking at it. What you have sounds like the different mods require the same master, and there are now two versions of the master. What I do there is look at the created on date, just to make sure I don't roll back a mod. It also helps to install things one at a time an slow, an only when it's something that you can't live without. Mix that with trying a new one here an there. So it's more easy to remove that mod when you see that it's basicly trash. Personally I prefer to use the mods I created, which means I'm always building an learning, an never playing. However you can learn to edit mods with FO3/FNV/TES edit which is basicly just changing spreadsheed type data. Click an drag copy paste.




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Hey, does anyone know if having some of the DLC's will stop Shrapnel from working?




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Hey, does anyone know if having some of the DLC's will stop Shrapnel from working?

I have all of them, GRA included and Shrapnel worked fine on my last playthrough.

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