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Child companion, Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm Quest

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So, I really wanted to save the kid from the Animal Husbandry Farm and take him with me until I found him a new home (or adopted him). Sadly, he's long dead in the real game. So here's what I want. REQUIRES HONEST HEARTS

New Companion: Brendan Matthews (child)
Companion Perk: Child at Heart (it's already in game, so it should help)
Tag Skills = Survival, Repair, Science
Companion's Quest Perk: Ghoul Biologist (+25% damage against Ghouls) or Rising Student (+ 25% Crit hit chance to balance out his poor guns skills)
Default Weapons: Cowboy Repeater ® / Baseball Bat (M)
Default Clothes: Pre-war kids outfit (you can change his clothes however)
Appearance: Male, blonde hair (bedraggled-style), green eyes, facial features that aren't chubby (he's a skinny active kid).

Strength = 4
Perception = 4 (+ Four Eyes trait, although he doesn't get glasses until after his companion perk quest)
Endurance = 7 (He did survive the fire)
Intelligence = 8
Agility = 4
Luck = 6

Quests: A Ghoulish Fate (Destiny quest for Brendan, not the perk-related quest)
Upon arrival at Matthew's Animal Husbandry Farm you find him unconcious on the ground, with a Medicine check of 30, you bandage him up and wake him. Failing this, you accidentally puncture his femoral artery and he bleeds out (This causes a significant amount of negative karma). He rants about how the ghouls will kill him and laments how the he must have been blown from the building and not died. With a Speech check of 35, an INT Check of 6, or a Medicine check of 50 (which psychologically analyzes him) he will join the player's party (and not count towards the usual companion count). Failing any these, Brendan shoots himself in the face with a .357 magnum and dies.

1. Take Brendan in to the wastes to find a home

When arriving at Freeside's Old Mormon, a Follower of the Apocalypse (new character, any name) will take interest in Brendan. This starts Companion Quest, "A Student's Greatest Fear."

Following that quest, one of two options will show up depending on the player's choices: "Brendan no longer fears Ghouls and is ready to find a home." OR "Brendan can defend himself against Ghouls and will be safe in a new home."

If Brendan no longer fears Ghouls, and Honest Hearts is completed (maybe use a check to see if Gun Runners are selling .45 Ammo?) a New Canaanite caravan will arrive at the Crimson Caravan Company. They will mention that they heard about the player from Joshua and Daniel and are rebuilding New Canaan in the Grand Staircase, though several families lost their children from the White Legs attack on New Canaan. The player will mention that their ward, Brendan lost his parents and needs a new home. The New Canaanites will take Brendan and place him with one of the families as an adopted son. Brendan thanks the player for being such a good friend and will say to visit whenever he's in the region and will leave the party. 2 days later, the caravan and Brendan will have left (but can be interacted with at the Dead Horses' Camp in Zion). When talking to him in Zion, he mentions liking the New Canaanites and that he helped Joshua fix an ammo press.

If Brendan learns to kill ghouls, through his studies with the Followers, the player can take him to the Boomer's Teacher at Nellis AFB who will gladly adopt a child who "knows how to kill those mutant savages in the train tunnel nearby." Brendan remains with the mini-boomers and thanks the player for teaching him to be a strong man. He will mention getting to fire a howitzer when visiting him in Nellis.

Companion Perk Quest "A Student's Greatest Fear"

After the Follower doctor takes an interest in Brendan, he asks about where the boy came from.

- If the player tells the doctor he came from a farm where his parents became feral ghouls and tried to kill him, the doctor will make sure that he gets psychiatric help. Brendan will thank the Courier for letting him get to go to school and get help. RESULT: Brendan overcomes his Fear

-Neglecting to tell the doctor results in Brendan asking if he can use what he learned here to protect himself from Ghouls.
-A Medicine check of 50 results in telling Brendan to talk to the doctors about what happened, giving him help and peace. RESULT: Brendan overcomes his Fear
-A Medicine check of 30 tell Brendan that the medical textbooks will explain how to kill a human and that ghouls are "people too." RESULT: Brendan can defend himself
-Failing to pass any check results in Brendan deciding to learn about ghouls on his own to protect himself from them. RESULT: Brendan can defend himself

Regardless, Brendan leaves the party like ED-E does in his quest for 5 days. After 5 days a popup mentions that Brendan is waiting in Old Mormon Fort.

Results of perk quest:
Brendan overcomes his Fear
Brendan gains Child's Reading Glasses (he mentions the doctors noticed he couldn't see too well)
---Telling him he looks good in glasses gives positive karma and Brendan's perception jumps to 5 (removing them from his menu results in him saying "Great, now I'm blind. Can I have my glasses back?")
---Calling a four-eyed nerd makes him embarrassed and he crushes the glasses under his feet. This causes negative karma. (removes the glasses and sets his perception to 2 for having gotten used to them)
Brendan earns the Rising Student Perk.
If Honest Hearts is completed, a Mormon Caravan arrives at the Crimson Caravan Company that will adopt Brendan

Brendan can defend himself
Brendan will get biker goggles. No dialogue options to criticize him for them. (removing them results in the same dialogue as above)
Brendan can be adopted by the Boomer Teacher.
Brendan earns the Ghoul Biologist Perk.

*notes: Fully voice dialogue would be nice!

If anyone is willing to do this, I would really appreciate it! And thanks in advance to anyone who tries to make this.


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