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[WIP] Beyond Boulder Dome

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Beyond Boulder Dome
A large-scale Quests / New Lands mod, created by a team of serious modders.


Get it here:


CLICK HERE to go to the mod's blog.


Level Design Teaser Trailer now up:



  • 5 new worldspaces to explore, plus more smaller ones
  • A Main quest and many side quests
  • over 30 talented voice actors, with fully lip-synced dialogue
  • brand new weapons
  • brand new armor
  • brand new creatures, such as chimpanzees, an orangutan, a domestic cat, a mutant cannibal, and more
  • at least two new companions, that you can take back to the Mojave with you
  • worldmap and fast travel

This is a very large mod project, with a lot of talented modders involved. We have three modellers on the project, one for creatures, one for weapons, and one for statics. We also have four level designers, including myself. We have someone working on sound effects and creature sounds. Someone working on music. Two writers. We also have more people helping in others ways, such as with textures and small static models.

The mod is beyond the half-way point, but I estimate it will still be around 2 or 3 months until it's released.

[This is a very out-dated list. The accurate team and credit list will be included on the release mod's page.]

RJHelms84 (me), creator of Dog City - level design, quests and scripts, dialogue writing, models, textures, etc, and general dictating and bringing everything together into a mod.

NateNeurotic - creature modeller and texturing (creator of the chimps, the cat, and most of the creatures.)

Xenoo - weapon, armor and creature modeller and texturer.

KazFoxsen - dialogue writer, static modeller, texturer, voice actor, level layout designer, companion and side-quest creator.

Ionis, creator of Project Roswell - level designer.

Alexander J Velicky, creator of DEIMOS - level designer.

Montybrad, creator of Dead Factory - level designer.

DonKnotts - texture artist

Mike Hancho, creator of The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino - level designer

Kanoba - level designer

GeeZee - level designer

DrakeElvin, creator of Amigo Cafe - expert companion creator

commander_tak - Logo designer, video editor, etc

G33k3dGam3r - modeller

Riven1978 - outfit mash-up modeller

Werne - modeller

SariDecember - NPC creator and texture artist

Radicus - NPC creator

Bdthemag -- writer

ComfortablyBum - writer

And probably more, but I'm getting tired of writing names, omg! :wallbash: Let me know if I've left any one out!!

We've also had a lot of help from Quetzlsacatanango, who has worked on various models, such as new robots. CaBaL120, who did some awesome re-textures for armor and a robot. EmeraldReign, who's created some awesome pipboy icons for the new weapons and armors.

If I've missed anyone out, let me know!


Here's a brief run-down of the plot. This is very brief, as the full story would be too long for here:

The Boulder Dome was constructed before the war to be a "city of the future"; a prototype for future cities on the moon and other planets. It was also an advanced scientific research facility, and an Arc of sorts, built to withstand severe nuclear attacks. And withstand it did.

Mere hours before the bombs dropped, only the elite of society, or those with specialist skills; the top of their fields, were transported to the Dome and transported two hundred years into the future. Put into a "cold sleep", they would ride out the war and the following chaos, to start a new world in the future.

When the scientists woke up, they found themselves in a nightmare. Their bodies now riddled with a strange disease of unknown origin, dubbed the Seltsam Syndrome; literally meaning "strange disease". Forced to wear advanced Bio-suits, to help slow the spread, they struggle to survive, as time is running out.

Beyond the Dome, outside the highly toxic ruins of the city of Boulder, two factions are moving in.

A shadow NCR extermination squad has a deadly and unmerciful mission, to stop the spread of the Seltsam Syndrome by eliminating all potential carriers. They have tracked the disease to its last known vestige, The Boulder Dome itself.

The Colorado branch of the Brotherhood of Steel have also set their sights on the Dome. Its noble leader seeks to control the Dome for the good of the region, to bring peace to the chaos. Very close to a real, working cure for the Seltsam Syndrome, he offers a peaceful solution.

Forced into the middle of things, is a simple courier, far from home. The decisions of the courier may slide the balance in many different ways, ultimately determining the fate of the scientists of The Boulder Dome.

The player will explore new locations, such as an air-plane graveyard with a ruined Mobile Base Crawler, Boulder Mountain Park, the harsh wastelands of Colorado, the ruined and toxic city of Boulder, a Dead Factory, an underground Ghoul town, and the Boulder Dome itself.



These are just a few images of some of the stuff we're working on. More will become available later on.

Landscape shots:

NEW images:




More Recent Shots:

Nova Factory

Boulder 1

Underground Boulder

Boulder 2

Nellis Airplane Graveyard (Mojave)

Underground Boulder 2

Boulder 3

(These seriously need updating, as they are very early progress shots! They look a lot better now!)

Colorado Wastes 1

Colorado Wastes 2

Outer Boulder 1

Outer Boulder 2


Boulder Mountain Park 1

Dead Factory (Was going to be its own mod, but now it's part of Boulder.)


An energy weapon

A handgun

A compact Gauss rifle (image isn't final version)

The Solar Scorcher -- Might get rid of this; not sure yet (as the mesh mostly from a resource, so we didn't make it from scratch.)




Domestic Cat 1

Base body for mutated raider

NEW MUTANT CANNIBAL -- This link has recently been changed, to a new high-quality WIP by Xenoo (no longer that crappy version I made myself!)

The Armor

NEW! Dome Scientist Suit

NEW! NCR Death Squad Ghoul Sergeant Armor

Prototype high-tech armor (very WIP)

Environmental Armor 1

Environmental Armor 2

NEW ENVIRONMENTAL ARMOR -- This link is for a new, complete, environmental armor, made by Xenoo. Very high quality. The version above this were some crap, made by me, which will be trashed, or recycled into other outfits.


Ghoul pod


Help Wanted

At the moment I'm looking for scripters/quest creators, who have a good knowledge of the Geck, with the ability to set up basic scripts and quests, and install dialogue using the dialogue tree. You'd be working on finished worldspaces, and adding in sidequests, etc, based on written scripts. (The ability to create lip files would be preferred as well.)


We already have a big team on the project, but we are still looking for people to help out. Whether you are good at creating 3d models, textures, designing interiors and cluttering in the Geck, voicing characters, or writing dialogue and sidequests, or any other way you can think of, get in touch!

Outfit Texture Artist Wanted

I'm looking for a texture artist who can create new textures for new outfit meshes. You'll need to be able to work to a standard comparable to the vanilla game. If you have the time and skills to dedicate to the task, drop me a line at typingsound@gmail.com



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The monkeys are awesome. Whoever did that did a great job.




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I can't wait to play this.



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It's look good so far.
and i agree with Quetzlsacatanango the apes are great. ( know i only wonders when we'll begin to see an planet-of-apes-like mods :tongue: )
and an hooray for the cats!




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Looks cool! Cant wait! Are you guys using the interplay concept images as a guide for the place?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image



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Thanks razzy! I hadn't seen that junkyard wall image! I'm going to recreate that for sure! Awesome! :thumbsup:

EDIT: And yeah, I have been using those images as guides, but we're not following van buren exactly.

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Nice, that junkyard wall is one of my favorites!

Mike Hancho

Mike Hancho

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I would love to be a part of this project if you still need help. I'm learning more and more as I go along and am gaining confidence as I progress. My New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino mod has been fairly popular at number 4 in quest mods for FNV (until DIEMOS knocks be back to 5, lol!) LINK: http://www.newvegasn...le.php?id=40433

I feel my strengths are as follows:

Cluttering interior cells and navmeshing (see the gallery of my New Bison Steve mod for examples) http://www.newvegasn...le.php?id=40433
Level design
Dialog & lip syncing
Dialog writing
Basic quests etc (I'm getting better with scripting.)
Voice acting (if you want a natural southern accent and I have excellent recording equipment.)

So, if I can be of service, please let me know.



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Hey Mike,

I'd be glad to have you on-board, working on interiors, and other things. I just played through the beginning of your new mod, and it's looking great. Awesome voice acting!

I'll send you a private message.





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A new concept art, created by KazFoxsen, for our new Mutant Cat creature, which is being created by our creature modeller NateNeurotic:

Posted Image

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