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Error Corrections - Reduce CTD

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Made the changes, shouldn't crash upon starting anymore

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Yay! Would be great if you could make it more compatible.
Do you think it also solves the freezes during the loading screens
i get sometimes? That's nearly the only big problem left and i
can't get rid of it since NV was in stores... and my head hurts.


Edit: Double-Yay! Gonna try it now and report later. ^^

Report: Downloaded it, checked if file is the new one,
installed it, filtered everything in FNVEdit, created
merged patch, checked everything twice, started game,
game crashed immediatly at the first screen showing.
I dunno why and i dunno how to help it... o_O
I'm using the austrian-pegi version. Maybe thats why?

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The loading screen freezes are caused my a kagillion different things(mod conflicts are the biggest culprit). Some of the fixes to come may reduce this from happening, but never will it stop it.



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Glad to see you over here at NewVegas, looking forward to your expertise... The FO3 master fix was the best thing to happen to my FO3 game...




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still crashes on start up :s



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You have every dlc?





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Every single DLC + Courier's stash and Gun Runners Arsenal.
Fallout base game is retail, DLCs from steam.

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Just starting this mod I haven't made compatible esps yet but did you try to run your game with just your DLCs and my mod only? Along with the readius and darnified if necessary




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I got a crash on startup. I use NVSE and 4gb enabler. This is my load order. Any ideas?
[X] FalloutNV.esm
[X] DeadMoney.esm
[X] HonestHearts.esm
[X] OldWorldBlues.esm
[X] LonesomeRoad.esm
[X] ClassicPack.esm
[X] MercenaryPack.esm
[X] TribalPack.esm
[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm
[X] CaravanPack.esm
[X] Caliber.esm
[ ] FOOK - New Vegas.esm
[ ] FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esm
[X] HonestHearts-CaliberX.esm
[X] FNVToolkit.esm
[X] AEVegas.esm
[X] EnergyShield.esm
[X] Weapon Mod Expansion.esm
[X] WME - DLCs.esm
[X] WME - Dead Money.esm
[X] WME - Honest Hearts.esm
[X] WME - Old World Blues.esm
[X] WME - Lonesome Road.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Core.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Equipment.esm
[X] Primary Needs HUD.esm
[X] SelectFire.esm
[X] AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm
[X] MoMod.esm
[X] More Perks.esm
[X] More Perks for Companions.esm
[X] More Traits.esm
[X] More Perks for Dead Money.esm
[X] More Perks for Honest Hearts.esm
[X] More Perks for Old World Blues.esm
[X] WMVM.esm
[X] Lings.esm
[X] Mo'.esm
[X] AngelPark.esm
[X] CFWNV.esm
[X] NewVegas40kConversion.esm
[X] brookenvstrangertopless.esp
[X] choose_XP.esp
[X] HUD Extended.esp
[X] Readius_NV.esp
[X] RWD-NV v1.4 [Standard Version].esp
[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
[X] AWOP-MoMod.esp
[X] AWOPMonsterPatch.esp
[X] UWHNV-Core.esp
[X] 1 FG 42.esp
[X] UWHNV-Addon-DLC.esp
[ ] FOOK - New Vegas.esp
[ ] FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esp
[X] FOOK - Lings.esp
[X] HY_WasteWar2.esp
[X] PerkEveryLevel.esp
[X] XFO - 6aa - Epic Skills - Effects Over 100 (NVSE req).esp
[X] Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Dead Money.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Honest Hearts.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Old World Blues.esp
[X] NewVegasBounties.esp
[X] NewVegasBountiesII.esp
[X] More Perks Update.esp
[X] More Perks for Companions Update.esp
[X] HeavyLaser.esp
[X] TifaOutfit.esp
[X] 1 Camon AK 74(Yangtze memorial shack).esp
[X] More Perks for Dead Money Update.esp
[X] More Perks for Honest Hearts Update.esp
[X] More Perks for Old World Blues Update.esp
[X] UsableCigarettes neunen Ver for New Vegas.esp
[X] More Traits Update.esp
[X] Animated Prostitution.esp
[X] BankCard.esp
[X] BoostedSkills.esp
[X] Collectible Canteens.esp
[X] CompanionDe-Equip.esp
[X] EnergyShield_NV.esp
[X] BabyDoll.esp
[X] PortableCampsite.esp
[X] DanWessonPPC.esp
[X] Yoko'sOutfits.esp
[X] SignatureWeapons.esp
[X] WMVM-DM.esp
[X] WMVM-OWB.esp
[X] WMVM-PN.esp
[X] Homemade Grenades.esp
[X] AsukaArmor.esp
[X] 700 Nitro Express.esp
[X] AG Melee Mods.esp
[X] imperial guard.esp
[X] Weightless Ammo.esp
[X] M16A4Test.esp
[X] AK_AR15WP.esp
[X] Camon AKS 47 Black Hidden Valley Bunker.esp
[X] DWSG556.esp
[X] StormRifle.esp
[X] FAL_Para_Carbine.esp
[X] Kaya47NordicWeapons.esp
[X] KerberosPanzer.esp
[X] Vegas_custom_eagle_50AE.esp
[X] Kerberosweapons.esp
[X] 1 Camon BAR.esp
[X] Saiga-12.esp
[X] HK MP-7.esp
[X] DGRpzb54.esp
[X] DGPzf60.esp
[X] Camon AKSU ( Standart SD HiddenValley).esp
[X] Kushnikov.esp
[X] 7.62mm Marksman Rifle.esp
[X] 7.62mm Assault Rifle.esp
[X] CCCPack.esp
[X] PlasmaCannon.esp
[X] 1 Camon Ak47 ( Yangtze Memorial Shack).esp
[X] M1903 Springfield.esp
[X] M82.esp
[X] Minimissilelauncher.esp
[X] RHINO45-70_NV.esp
[X] ServiceCarbine.esp
[X] M-1 Carbine.esp
[X] Survivalist Crossbow.esp
[X] Camon Assault Shotgun (Great Khans Armory).esp
[X] Odin_Heavy Pulse Autocannon.esp
[X] BinglesMeleeCompletenoperks.esp
[X] Tactical Weapon Pack.esp
[X] .45 Revolver.esp
[X] xCALIBRuniverse_ImpulsePurchasePack.esp
[X] NVType3 Bone Armor.esp
[X] T3Belts_BootsNV.esp
[X] T51b-Manual.esp
[X] Dreadnought.esp
[X] Tailor Maid - NV.esp
[X] Tailor Maid Black Retex - NV.esp
[X] MoraelinsGladius.esp
[X] AWOPCaliberXAmmoPatch.esp
[X] SignatureArmor.esp
[X] KelseyCompanion.esp
[X] Realistic_Repair_NV.esp
[X] DW1911.esp
[X] Companion Module Pack.esp
[X] NVWillow.esp
[X] Level Cap 100.esp
[X] First_Person_Gun_No_Follow.esp
[X] W40KLasers.esp
[X] stealthboy-recharge.esp
[X] OmniTool.esp
[X] LFox Bottle That Water.esp
[X] XIII + J3X's Flesh Burnificating Plasma.esp
[X] XtraSpecialNV.esp
[X] Myerz_ItemsNV.esp
[X] Weapon Mod Expansion.esp
[X] WME - DLCs.esp
[X] AG Supplementary Uniques WME.esp
[X] AG Supplementary Uniques-Dead Money WME.esp
[X] AG Supplementary Uniques-Honest Hearts WME.esp
[X] AG Supplementary Uniques-Old World Blues.esp
[X] WME - AWOP.esp
[X] CWHeadGear.esp
[X] Project Nevada - WME.esp
[X] NV Error Fixes DLCs 1.0.esp
[X] Maverick NV.esp
[X] EVE FNV.esp
[X] Project Nevada - EVE.esp
[X] WMEVE.esp
[X] Devastator.esp
[X] WMVM-WME.esp
[X] Bouncing Natural Breasts.esp
[X] M14.esp
[X] Bobblehunt.esp
[X] Ahzteks Weapon Overhaul.esp
[X] FPT EDE Lings NaiNai.esp
[X] Mo'Gals.esp
[X] SpaceMarines-BlackTemplar.esp
[X] Schmidt Rubin M1911.esp
[X] MyRadio.esp




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Maybe that's worth a try. But with the current version of FOMM (even the with the fixes provided by dlundell [is that correct?]) it was a pain in the a.. to get where i am now. I was battling with all the fomods and stuff and now... i would be glad if someone else could test it. XD
Really... i would rather play Hello Kitty Online for a week than reinstalling all those mods (and maybe NV too). OMG! Where are my pills? @_@

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