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Realistic Damage

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I got (and modified) a similar mod for Oblivion. It was epic. I assume it will be twice as epic in Skyrim. It would be easier to just increase weapon damage a lot rather than lowering health, I think.

Traps should be an insta-kill no matter what level you are.
Swords should deal massive damage (one hit per mage, two or three for heavy humanoids roughly)
Arrow damage seems better in Skyrim, but it should also be bumped to correspond to the melee damage increase.
Blocks should null all damage.

Trolls should be almost invulnerable (bump up their health massively to make up for higher weapon damage), but they should die very easily (or even run away) if you use fire on them (fire weakness +50ish, possibly?).
Hostile animal health should be increased. There's no way some dude with a knife is going solo against a bear in real life, lol.

Only magic or silver against ghosts, unless that's already included. Possibly more later.




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not all traps should be insta-kill, there are some traps that cant hurt you if youre in some havy armor boots.

anyway, realistic damage +1




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I got (and modified) a similar mod for Oblivion. It was epic. I assume it will be twice as epic in Skyrim. It would be easier to just increase weapon damage a lot rather than lowering health, I think.

a good way to do this would be mess with leveling.
Change the difference between 1-30~ from mud crab->god into something more like new recruit->veteran. It should help allot if you want damage to be more even and still for the most part deadly...

that and possibly switching up combat so there are more than around 2 attacks so that it will fit this fast paced kind of combat allot better..
traps I would keep them doing a 1/2->possibly dead worth of damage but cause them to also alarm enemies nearby to your presence (im sure it wouldn't be too hard to script a really loud sound for a second onto a player after they trigger a trap)

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I like the idea, but for realism I would do the following (and I by I, I mean I dream someone competent will):

1) make the weapons LOOK more realistic. Did anyone else have a problem with the stupid warhammers in Vanilla Oblivion? Real warhammers look like this: http://www.museumrep...war-hammer.aspx or with steel handles. Also, swords should be better proportioned (not a fan of manga-style stuff).
2) add an element of skill to combat. Vanilla oblivion combat was horrible, basically I held down RMB except for the ocassional LMB. Deadly Relflex and Unnecessary Violence were great remedies, but didn't go far enough. Maybe make damage dependent on where you hit the enemy?
3) accept that hacking full plate armour with a sword DOES NOT WORK. Really, no game seems to get this right: a sword cannot hack through armour. If you try, I think that the sword should be damaged very quickly and made useless. In my dreams I think of Skyrim with historically accurate medieval combat, as per German or Italian School.
4 part 1) Not needed to mod: People shouldn't use shield with heavy plate armour. Nobody did it in real life, simply because the shield was redundant, stupidly heavy and unwieldy.
4 part 2) To go with the above, the hand and a half and longsword should be implement in a meaningful way. Longswords in Oblivion were handled poorly and unrealistically.
5) Instead of combat consisting only of hack and slash, why not add some historically accurate grappling? 95% of real combats ended with both belligerents on the ground, until one could stick the other with a dagger or otherwise kill him.
6) Add the Murder Stroke/blow as a finishing move. It just looks amazing... ever wandered where the word "pummeling" comes from? Hitting someone, repeatedly, with the pummel of a sword.

Of course, most people probably like their games as games, not combat simulators. Still...realism is great. And don't say "its a fantasy game" - do you think that physics and logic wouldn't exist in a fantasy world?

/end ramble. :wink:



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Don't get me started on those warhammers in Oblivion...

-nobody could even lift them if they were real
-their bulk makes them look silly

That's all I'm going to say about that.

I don't know why everyone thought the combat was so terrible; I was blocking and leaning out of the way of attacks all the time. The spells were bad though. It was like fighting an aimbot.

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