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Cant see compass or health/magick bars

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Please Help cant see my compass or health and magick bars on Skyrim (PS3)




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Go to display settings and turn up the HUD opacity




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I'm having a similar problem ,been playing the game for 150 hours now and my compass has a massive bright blue solid box on it, i can still see the icons but its just terrible to look at.

Everything that has a bar: Health, STamina, Magicka, Skills in the skill menu. When the amount of sta/health/magicka goes down the indication bar slides to the left like it should, but it comes out on out of the casing. same thing with skill bars, if I gain a little experience in a skill I got all these ugly green bars sticking out of the skill bar surrounding/casing overlaping the other skill names.

When targetting anything, it appears normally, I see a red health bar, but the health bar never changes so its always just guessing when my target will be dead or on low health.

Anyone know any fix to this?

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