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Skyrim (No level cap mod)

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Hello All. My idea for a mod request is not just something Im going to be asking for. it is also something that I am going to work at making myself, I just wanted this out in the public to get some ideas and such. So this is what I think should happen here. Now I think there should be a chargen type of Menu before going and making a character. Right after you pick your race/look you should have a menu that pops up and asks you if you want this on or not. (all rough idea's here) but yeah. If choosing yes, instead of the Physical level cap of 50. where at that point you do not gain any more perks per level. I think that you should be able to gain just enough perks to max out a character at the highest level. but only then. so an example. So lets say that you get perks depending on what you unlocked with your leveling. so lets say this. You started with 15 Two handed. now from your level you gained. 15 levels lets say. so doing so, you should have the amount of perks that opened up in that chain that are available to you. if that makes sense. so in this case 4. Barbarian,limbsplitter,deep wounds,skull crusher. not now lets say this tho, lets say you have 79 enchanting and you level too 100 for your level. you should unlock 2 perks. (5/5) enchanter and Extra effect. now the perks you unlock are dependent on what you train. so not just 1-5 perks for every level, no matter what you train, this gives people motivation to train certain skills to get perks they want for that tree. =) so I will be working on this when the Creation Kit releases., I have been a Morrowind/Oblivon modder for years., Since morrowind tes constuction set was released I have always enjoyed modding =) but yeah. Some feedback would be nice. and any ideas, or plans to use this idea or a similar idea =)

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