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Easy way to edit spells and maybe other values

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I try to explain how i edit the duration of spells, don't know if it's a good way or not. It's only to give ideas to others.

First you need Fallout installed (i guess you can use both). Maybe it possible to fake an install to use the tools without Fallout but i don't know how, can also be it's not possible.

Then copy the skyrim.esm in your Fallout-Data-Folder. Open FOMM -> Tools -> TESSnip. Create a new plugin, then load the Skyrim.esm. Search there the group in what is whatever you want to try to edit (much to search), click on the group and goto "Edit" -> "Copy" and then "Paste" after clicking on your new plugin. [you could now click on skyrim-esm and close it] Then you delete all subrecords of your copied group, only the wanted not, for example "SPEL (Stoneflesh)" or "ARMO (DremoraBoots)". Save your plugin and exit the prog.

Open Fo3edit (or the one for FNV) and load only(!) your new plugin. Click on "+" and you see the spell or whatever and on the right side the values you could maybe change. There's a lot of nonsense but a few values are understandable, as the duration (some spells have one value of duration, some spells more (change all)) which you can change by rightclick. Also it's maybe good to change back the name of the Spell because for some reason it's messed up to something like i%&$ or so^^ If you don't the spell is named so ingame. Then close, it asking for save (makes a backup).

(dont know if following is needed, i done it so) Go again in TESSnip and load your Plugin -> "Edit" -> "Add Master" change the mask for esms and choose skyrim.esm. Save and your new values are ready for testing ingame. (After copy and activate your plugin in Skyrims Data Folder of course)
There are not so many values to find that Fo3edit can read, but a few are there. Have not looked much around, but perhaps things like weight, pricevalues, armorratings, and for sure durations of spells. To take a look, you could first open skyrim.esm with Fo3Edit and search arround, there came much errors and the pc is hard working, ignore it, it's only for looking, after a while he is ready and you can look on several variables and search for changeable things.

So, sorry for bad english and if it's not a good way. I'm totally noob with Fo3edit and TESSnip and the idea is also not from me, i've read a tip here and a tip there, for example from focker7 who changed first, so far i know, healing spells. Or from Plutoman101 who edit the Conjuration-Spells. Maybe they took other ways with the tools and for sure they are more inside as i. But i read nowhere a complete way, i only tried around with the two progs after i heard they work a little bit. So i thought, i post the whole how.

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