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[TUT] How To Create EPIC Skyrim NPC Battles (Youtube TUT, and Personal

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[TUT] How To Create EPIC Skyrim NPC Battles (Youtube TUT, and Personal TUT)

NOTE: this tut will not teach to use any video editing softwares, uploading tips, etc. This is strictly setting it up for editing and youtube, whilst the other tutorial is those who wish to do skyrim battles for personal enjoyment.

Current Base ID Database at bottom.

Pre-Knowledge Needed:

Skyrim console: press the ` key to access while playing skyrim.

You can find the base id by searching through a database of skyrim names in game by doing this command
help "creature name" 4

Skyrim console command: "player.placeatme <Baseid> <Quantity>" this will spawn a creature by your physical body in skyrim, it will identify the creature by the base id, and the amount by the number you put in quantity

Familiarity with console commands: http://www.uesp.net/.../Skyrim:Console


You can find many Base ID's for creatures by using smart google searches, such as "Skyrim Base ID's List" "Skyrim Base ID" "<creature name> base id Skyrim" etc

Personal TUT:

1.) Download this file here http://www.thenexusf...battle-scripts/ (no credit to me) and place all text documents in your Skyrim/Data Directory
^ This mod will enable you, the user, to be able to easily spawn NPC's/Creatures using the simple command "Bat <txt doc name>" in the PC console. If you do not wish to do this, you can also simply do the command "player.placeatme <baseid> <quantity> list of Base id's can be found at bottom. You can create your own text documents for any newly found base id's for other creatures, for example, if you google search Alduin and click on the uesp.net link (unofficial elder scroll wiki) it will show you the creatures base id, in this case, on the alduin page, it lists the base id as: "00032B94" Now to create this as a "Bat <txtdoc> command, simply create a new text document in the data folder and name it "Alduin" (or whatever name you want, remember this is the name you have to type in the console in the <txt doc name> field.) now inside the document simply type the normal/manual console command of spawning a creature with a base id, for example with alduin you would : Go to Skyrim/Data, create new txt doc, name as "Alduin" then open it, and type "Player.placeatme 00032B94 1" without the quotes. This will enable you to spawn alduin on the console by simply typing "Bat Alduin" The file you downloaded above has many pre-confingured creatures/NPCs set so all you have to do is type "Bat <txtdocname>

2.) OK, so once your done creating all the creatures you want, or your ready to go through with the actual battles (you can also add new base id txt doc's to your data directory whenever you want) go ahead and launch up skyrim, if you plan to do huge battles, i suggest turning down the graphics.

3.) Now first real step, find your battleground, i suggest using the command "tcl" without quotes for no clip, so you can explore easily. (make sure nothing is selected when using tcl, tcl toggles it on and off)

4.) When you find it, physically walk over where you want one side of the battle, now do the command "tcai" without quotes, and hit enter, then the command "tai" without quotes and hit enter, then use the "Bat <docname>" command and spawn one side of the creatures, then go to the other side of the battle field and do the same, now chill off to the side, open up the console and turn tai and tcai back on and watch the madness.


Professional/Better Performance/Youtube

Steps 1, 2, and 3 are same

Alt Step 4: Turn tcai and tai off, then hide somewhere, like literally hide, and make sure it says "hidden" then open the console and enter "tfc" without the quotes, you will go in a ghost/spectator cam, so you can watch at better angles to capture the moment. Then do the command "tm" without quotes... this will toggle the HUD/menus, making the battle clear as rain for viewing.

Step 5: Record with FRAPS or any other program in the highest res possible, then start recording, and show both sides of the battle not attacking eachother because tcai and tai is off, then, while recording, go into the console and turn tai and tcai back on, and they will begin to fight in good resolution with no annoying menus.

Optional Step: If recording program DOES record you actually going into the console, simply edit the video and crop out the part where you did the console stuff, the viewers shouldn't notice much if you crop it perfectly. They will just see the sides not attacking each other, then in a moment, they start to attack each other (< that was horribly worded :mellow: )

-------------------------BASE ID's-------------------------

Ancient Dragon: F811C
Giant: FF001D11
Werewolf: 000A1976
Vampire: 0003383F
Spriggan: 000F3905
Centurion: 00087102
Dremora: 0010DDEE
Krosis: 00100767
Otar: 003763A
Morokei: 000F496C
Hevnoraak: 0004D6E7
Nahkriin: 000F849B
Rahgot: 00035351
Volsung: 00041930
Marcurio: 000B9980
Stormcloak Archer: 45be3
Stormcloak Soldier (2-Handed): 467bb
Stormcloak Mage: 4622b
Stormcloak General: 559df
Imperial Archer: 45be0
Imperial Soldier (Sword & Shield): 46794
Imperial Wizard: 4622a
Imperial General: 559e0


Bandit (Default?): ff000e30
Bandit Outlaw (Friendly): ff000e86
Chaurus: ff000e93
Dragon (Elder- no soul): 000FEA9B
Dragon (with soul) 00101E6E
Frost Dragon(unknown) 0010FEEC
Blood Dragon(no soul) FF001926
Draugr Soldier: ff000e25
Frostbite Spider (Small/Large Form): ff000e27
Giant FF001b59
Ice Wraith: ff000e27
Wolf: ff000e42
Horse (Unowned): 654e5
Skeever: ff000e37
Snowy Saber Cat: ff000e58
Stormcloak Soldier: ff000e73
Wood-Elf (Default?): 457FC

Get Base ID's By:

help "creature name" 4

From MOD:

Type- "Bat Thalmor" - Summons Thalmor Mages And Soldiers (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Storm" - Summons StormCloak Group (Neutral)
Type- "Bat Imperial" - Summons Imperial allies (Allies)
Type- "Bat Bandit" Summon Bandit Group (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Myself" Summon Yourself To Battle (Allies)
Type- "Bat Dragon" Summons A Dragon (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Priest" Summons a Dragon Priest (Hostile)
Type- "Bat BloodDragon" Summons Blood Dragon (Hostile)
Type- "Bat SkeletonDragon" Summons Skeleton Dragon (Hostile)
Type- "Bat AncientDragon" Summons Ancient Dragon (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Mammoth" Summons a Mammoth (Hostile)
Type- "Bat ElderDragon" Summons a Elder Dragon (Hostile)
Type- "Bat FrostDragon" Summons a Frost Dragon (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Chaurus" Summons a Chaurus (Scorpion) (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Draugr" Summons a Draugr Soldier (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Frostspider" Summons a Frostbite Spider (Hostile)
Type- "Bat IceWraith" Summons a Ice Wraith (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Wolf" Summons a Wolf (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Horse" Summons a Horse (Allies)
Type- "Bat Skeever" Summons a Skeever (Rat) (Hostile)
Type- "Bat SnowCat" Summons a Snowy Saber Cat (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Woodelf" Summons a Wood-Elf (Neutral)
Type- "Bat Vampires" Summons Vampires (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Dremora" Summomns Dremora Lords (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Giant" Summons Giants (Hostile)
Type- "Bat DCenturian" Summons Dwarven Centurian (Hostile)
Type- "Bat FrostAtronach" Summons FrostAtronach (Hostile)
Type- "Bat FireAtronach" Summons FireAtronach (Hostile)
Type- "Bat StormAtronach" Summons StormAtronach (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Spriggan" Summons Spriggan (Hostile)
Type- "Bat FrostTroll" Summons FrostTroll (Hostile)
Type- "Bat Elk" Summons pack of elks(Unknown)
Type- "Bat Bears" Summons pack of Bears(Hostile)
Type- "Bat Guards" Summons Guards (Unknown)

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Just saying i tried to make ancient dragons and dragon priests fight and it wouldnt work i tried turning off my detection but nothing, can someone help me?

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