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Multiple Followers

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I am sick and tired of "Looks like you already got someone with you". Skyrim features over 40+ unique followers, and you can only employ one at a time? Is there a law in Skyrim against adventuring with more than one person at a time? Seriously, I want to assemble a band of hardened orcish mercenaries already. Is this really impossible without a CK, or has no one tried every avenue yet?




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Seems impossible without the CK. The console allows you to reset the followercount number so the game thinks you haven't yet picked up a follower, and this allows you to recruit another while you already have one. The moment you do so, however, the first follower leaves. This seems to be caused by a script, or maybe there's only one "follow" package distributed among all the companions, preventing multiple NPCs from using it at once. Either way, it's something that can't be touched without the CK. There is a mod - Multiple Companions or Followers Trainer - that comes close. It makes it so your original follower is not dismissed when you recruit special quest-related followers, like Farkas or Delphine. So, theoretically, you could recruit these specific followers and simply never finish their quests, allowing you to keep them with you forever. You won't be able to change their equipment, though.

Even if someone figured this out, there's a pretty major problem that absolutely cannot be resolved without the CK, and that's the fact that 3 or 4 followers will constantly jam up doorways and get you stuck inside rooms. Sure, you could try to sprint into them and hope they move, or even shout them out of the way, but this is something that will become very jarring. When the CK comes out, someone will fix this and let you push people aside like Oblivion and Fallout. Until then, it is what it is.

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