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Farmhouse mod - missing key

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My problem is that I have lost the keyring that you get after you defend (or not) Goodsprings. I had no ideea about this mod or the house. But the thing is, now I don't have the mailbox in the front of the hose. So I can't get in.

I tried reloading a previous save to see the key's ID and try to add it via console to my inventory but it just gives me an error. The key ID that I found was 0010a18c, can someone confirm this is correct? And the door ID is 00104eae but it won't open by setting the "unlock" console command.

The mods I have loaded are: Bottle that water, Realistic Headshot, and the Depth of field.

Is this a bug that I don't have the mailbox? So, I need help getting inside, please help.

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