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Mods which replace Adult Body Meshes

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I made a list of "body replacer mods" and after some thought, I decided to post my list here. This list is designed with the concept of building replacement armor in mind. An ambitious modder might think about supporting multiple body mods, and this is a summary of what that might mean. (But properly testing even one model can take some time.)

If I have overlooked any important body replacer mod, please post here and let me know.

I added the word "Adult" to the title for two reasons: first, child body meshes do not come in a pair -- for whatever reason we can only have one size of children. And, secondly, every skyrim body replacer mesh I have seen on nexus, that replaces a pair of body meshes, seems to be an "adult content" mod (I am not very clear on what that distinction is about, in a game that supports graphic decapitation, but I do understand that some people have been working on disabling all combat and aggression, so that small children can chase butterflys, or whatever).

I started this list because I wanted a complete list of body mesh replacers, and I could not figure out how to search for only those mods, so I did a tag search on "Body Models" and went through each one, looking for mods that I felt looked like body replacers.

Here's the lists:

http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=2488 Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=3421 Nude Male with Import from Roberts new vegas male by Sundracon
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=1947 Nude Males v0_4 by thegal

http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=5390 Acdale EyeCandy Body ADEC by AcDale
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=5290 BE Mk-V nude by brurpo
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=5661 Body mod with Breast and Butt Physics _ BBB if you will by Nalimxxx
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=5156 Calientes Female Body Bustier Version by ravensaw
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=2666 Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=4888 CHSBHC body mod and BBP -Breast and Butt Physics- by CherryHotaling
http://www.skyrimnex.../file.php?id=70 Nude Females by Thepal
http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=3844 TnT Athena by TnT

I am only looking for unique meshes here, that replace both a _0.nif mesh and a _1.nif mesh. I will be inspecting the mods and updating the list once I have had a chance to inspect the meshes.

Also, I expect the "Male" mods to replace:
meshes\actors\character\character assets\malebody_0.nif
meshes\actors\character\character assets\malebody_1.nif

And, I expect the "Female" mods to replace:
meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_0.nif
meshes\actors\character\character assets\femalebody_1.nif

I will try to keep this list updated, but I doubt I will have the energy to keep it accurate over time, and I would happily defer to some mechanism which does not require ongoing effort by me.

I am posting the list here because I thought this list might be of interest to others, but I am not expecting anyone else to do my "mesh inspection" for me.

edit -- I think I downloaded all the "current versions" of files from the above mods (I also pulled down some random earlier versions):

I had originally included "http://www.skyrimnex...ile.php?id=2941 TnT BodyShop by TnT" but it looks like an older version of 3844 and I am hoping that people will just use 3844 instead.

I had originally included "http://www.skyrimnex...file.php?id=538 TEC_NPC_Nude by Thor" but it is a "clothing eliminater" and not a body replacer. The nif file structure matches Group A, below.

Currently, the hands and feet mods has four groups of distinct "hands and feet" structures, grouped by mod id:

Group 1: all versions of 2666 (Caliente) and 5290 (Brupo) which include hands and feet
Group 2: 2941 (TnT)
Group 3: 3844 (TnT)
Group 4: 5390 (AcDale)

Also, here are some groupings for body files. I have assigned letter codes to them, but the letter codes are completely arbitrary and subject to change. Mostly that's just to help my eyes track this list.

Group A: female -- 70 Thepal (all), 2666 Caliente v0_1
Mesh: BodyFemaleBigCompleteBody -- 1493 vertices, 2684 triangles, 22 bones

Group B: male -- 1947 thegal (all)
Mesh: MaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 1530 vertices, 2668 triangles, 24 bones

Group C: male -- 3421 Sundracon "uncut", 2488 "nudes" uncut option Chris57
Mesh 1: MaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 1385 vertices, 2480 triangles, 24 bones
Mesh 2: Penis -- 387 vertices, 710 triangles, 3 bones

Group D: male -- 3421 Sundacon "cut", 2488 "nudes" default (not in an options folder) Chris57
Mesh 1: MaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 1385 vertices, 2480 triangles, 24 bones
Mesh 2: Penis -- 437 vertices, 2480 triangles, 3 bones

Group E: female -- 2666 Caliente vanilla and slim_body editions (v0_2 and v0-2-1)
Mesh: bbeslim_0 -- 3473 vertices, 6516 triangles, 22 bones
Note: the non-option slim_body femalebody_1.nif contains mesh normals which is unusual -- every body has a normal map for the skin (the big mesh that gets the "racial" texture map) and only a few have mesh normals. Additionally, some of these normals are garbage (some "normals" contain "not a number" values.)
Note: femalebody_1.nif for the vanilla edition has completely different node numbers from the others -- so apparently they are not important?

Group F: female -- 3844 (and 2941?) TnT
Mesh: herav2 -- 6857 vertices, 13120 triangles, 22 bones
Note: there is something different about the thorbody01 pair in 3844, but I have not determined how these two are structurally different from the others

Group G: female -- 4888 CherryHotaling
Mesh: CHSBHC_1_(something) -- 3471 vertices, 6512 triangles, 24 bones (unusual: has mesh normals, tangents and binormals)
This is the only female body mesh that has 24 bones, and this one comes with a variety of other files to make this work:
mt_idle.hkx, skeleton.hkx, skeleton.nif, skeletonbeast_female.nif, skeleton_female.hkx, skeleton_female.nif
This is currently the only body replacer which provides .hkx files

Group H: female -- 5156 ravensaw, 2666 Caliente standard
Mesh: (various names) 3471 vertices, 6512 triangles, 22 bones
Note: there is something different about the structure of the 5156 nif pair, but I have not analyzed how that pair differ from Calientes

Group J: female -- 5290 brurpo (all)
Mesh: body_high_0 -- 18444 vertices, 35704 triangles, 22 bones

Group K: male -- 3421 Sundracon "cut" beta and v1_4
Mesh 1: MaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 1385 vertices, 2480 triangles, 24 bones
Mesh 2: MaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 446 vertices, 808 triangles, 4 bones
Note: the beta version has a different structure from the v1_4 version but I have not determined what the difference is

Group L: female stock body (skyrim, for reference -- not a mod)
Mesh 1: FemaleUnderwear -- 676 vertices, 688 triangles, 12 bones
Mesh 2: FemaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 1353 vertices, 2412 triangles, 22 bones

Group M: male stock body (skyrim, for reference -- not a mod)
Mesh 1: MaleUnderwear_1 -- 417 vertices, 516 triangles, 5 bones
Mesh 2: MaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 1385 vertices, 2432 triangles, 24 bones

Group N: male -- 2488 Chris57 "slip_underwear"
Mesh: MaleUnderwearBody:0 -- 1500 vertices, 4850 triangles, 24 bones

Group P: female -- 5390 AcDale (third person) beta
Mesh: Foot:BodyH_Cup01 -- 5355 vertices, 10230 triangles, 22 bones (unusual: has mesh normals)

Group Q: female -- 5390 AcDale (third person) v1
Mesh: ADEC_02 -- 5423 vertices, 10374 triangles, 22 bones (unusual: has mesh normals)

Group R: female -- 2666 Caliente (slim nevernude)
Mesh 1: newBBE_1_noweight -- 3473 vertices, 6516 triangles, 22 bones
Mesh 2: NPC R ForearmTwist2 [RLt2] -- 676 vertices, 688 triangles, 14 bones

Group Sa and Sb -- 5390 AcDale 1st person (beta and v1)
Sa -- 1stpersonfemalebody_0.nif
Mesh: Foot:BodyH_Cup01 -- 703 vertices, 1259 triangles, 15 bones
Sb -- 1stpersonfemalebody_1.nif
Mesh: Foot:BodyH_Cup01 -- 745 vertices, 1335 triangles, 15 bones
I am surprised that this does not crash the game, but perhaps the extra vertices and triangles in 1stpersonfemalebody_1.nif get ignored?

Group T -- 5661 Nalimxxx
Mesh: CHSBHC_1_fullweight -- 3471 vertices, 6512 triangles, 26 bones (unusual: has mesh normals, tangents and binormals)
This only contains a femalebody_1.nif (and no .hkx files or any such thing)
Apparently, this one requires 4888 (CherryHotaling's mod)

Group U -- 2666 Caliente "standard" nevernude (v0_2)
Mesh 1: newBBE_1_noweight -- 3471 vertices, 6512 triangles, 22 bones
Mesh 2: NPC R ForearmTwist2 [RLt2] -- 676 vertices, 688 triangles, 14 bones
This pair is unusual because the underwear in femalebody_0.nif has tangents and binormals but the underwear in femalebody_1.nif does not

In principle, all bodys within a group might be interchangeable (they might be either end of the body weight slider). However, there are a number of other issues which I did not yet test which might mean that the bodies within a group are incompatible. For example, if the uv maps are different enough, this can crash the game even if the triangle and vertex counts are identical.

I have left comments on meshes where the body texture has apparently useless normals (and possibly useless tangents and binormals -- if those turn out to be useful, I would like to know about that issue).

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I am seeing a lot of new mods, and my first post here is not very flexible, for incorporating new mods. Also, being thorough takes a lot of time...

Anyways, because I had so many problems with earlier instances of CBBE, and v3 is so much better, I thought I would summarize CBBE v3:

This mod only supports female characters.

The mod includes 13 morphing nif pairs and an unusual "CBBEshapekeys.nif"

The nif pairs are:

1st person hands (1780 vertices, 2912 triangles, 36 bones )
3rd person hands (1780 vertices, 2912 triangles, 36 bones)

3rd person feet (2354 vertices, 3972 triangles, 6 bones)

and 10 body pairs.

Body pairs all have 3471 vertices, 6516 triangles and either 22 or 24 bones.

(The pairs with 24 bones have are under bodyslide and need CherryHotaling's mod for their animations)

Some nif pairs also include undies. Undies have 675 vertices, 688 triangles and 14 bones (and are not compatible with the breast animations)). These are on the meshes which have nevernude in their file name or in a containing directory name.

V3 does not have any of the file format issues which previous versions of CBBE had.




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In your search for all these nude mods, did you ever come across any for nude Skyrim children? I'm trying to make a nudist Skyrim, as a lifestile thing.




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Kill children, yes; decapitate children, yes; naked children, no




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Just search up Children of the Sky mod for skyrim you'll find what your looking for.

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