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NMM load order list not corresponding to the list in Data Files

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Does it matter what order the .esp and .esm files are in the data list tab when one starts up Skyrim? I have the load order sorted in NMM but the data list wont change to correspond to the list in NMM. Is this normal? Does it matter? This might be common knowledge but I have just begun using mods and to me it would seem necessary for the data list to be in the correct order, skyrim.esm first and so on. Right now I have an .esp file above the skyrim.esm file in the data list but not in the NMM load order where everything is as it should be.





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I am only new to modding so I cannot give you the perfect answer.

My Fallout 3 does the same thing- the mod manager has ordered the list so that nothing crashes but the data files looks completely different with many of the files side by side and out of order. It doesnt cause any problems with my game so I would guess that you are also good to go!

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You mean the data list tab of the skyrim launcher? If you have NMM, why bother with the vanilla Skyrim launcher at all? Just start the game through NMM.

If have SKSE (SKyrim Script Extender), you even have to launch Skyrim through NMM.

Edit: Same goes for Falllout 3 of course.

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Well, not necessary to launch from NMM but is correct the game can't be launched from the official launcher if using SKSE. Still launching directly from the skse_loader.exe is the quickest way.

Just copy it as shortcut to your desktop... You may want to change the icon just in case.

PS: Anyway, avoid using the official launcher for it might mess the load order.

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