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Reunification of Skyrim Bug - Need Help

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So I have been playing the Imperial Legion quest line but can't go past my promotion to Legate because of serious bugs. I would greatly appreciate any help with this. Here's my problem...

After the Rescue from Fort Kastav mission, General Tullius promoted me to Legate, gave me my reward, but then wouldn't give me my next orders! The only dialogue options for the General are "How's the war going?" and other such non-essential questions. I can't get my orders to go to Eastmarch and take Fort Amol. Even weirder than that, the Winterhold Imperial Camp is still on the map but now so is the Eastmarch Imperial Camp. I thought that the previous camps disappeared as the army marched across Skyrim. The Rift camp disappeared, and so did the one in the Reach, but now the Eastmarch and Winterhold Imperial Camps are coexistent. However, the only way I was able to find the Eastmarch camp was by using console commands to teleport myself to Legate Rikke's position. I can't get orders from her either though.

Also, even though I completed "Rescue from Fort Kastav," the Fort was never captured. It's not an Imperial fort, there is no garrison there, and on all the war maps (like on General Tullius's table in Castle Dour) it shows up as Stormcloak. Sure enough, when I go inside there are Stormcloak flags all over the place. The problem seems to lie there. How can I fully clear Fort Kastav and capture it for the Imperials?


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