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Custom House,Followers Won't Enter Help please

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yea i made a custom house with creation kit and my followers won't enter what do i need to do? i did the navmesh there's no errors any help would be apprieciated thx

here's link
My link

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Make sure that when you are on the entrance of your dungeon to finalize you navmesh and also finalize the navmesh in your dungeon. That should solve it.




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So I was going crazy trying to figure out why my followers wouldnt go through two specific doors in my mod. Over and over I moved the door markers and repositioned navmesh, finalzied to no avail..
Do it in this order!
Disconnect the doors on both sides, click door > edit > Teleport tab > Uncheck teleport. Do this to both sides, then save!
Now after saving them disconnected, delete them both and save.. IF you see a warning come up after saving the disconnected teleport markers you have the bug! They were bugged and were fooling the navmesh door marker...
Can you believe that buggy ass bullcrap?!?
Now replace and connect your doors. Don't forget to enable/disable parent if they had one. Re-adjust the door marker (yellow, this is what the bot uses to travel cells, not the actual door) so it is on a triangle completely, make sure the door marker is on a mesh triangle.. Finalize.. it should work now.


Other related important stuff about navmesh:

Finalize NavMesh

  • Not a pass but an option to choose if the finalizing passes at the end should be preformed or not (on by default).
  • With this option unchecked the generation will finish much faster as it will not finding cover edges, linking cell edges, or create portals for doors. These things slow the generation process down and generally you are going to need to modify a few things before you want those passes done anyway. This is useful in speeding things up when you want to quickly get to manually editing, or you want to try testing different generation values. This also helps with further advanced generation passes as many optimizations and removal passes won't remove cover triangles.
  • Note Remember if you are going to not use Finalize NavMesh you will need to manually run (all located in the NavMesh drop down menu) Find Cover Edges if you want cover, Link Doors if there are doors in your cell, and Link Cell Edges if it is an exterior cell, before you finish the NavMesh.

Pasted from http://www.creationk...mesh_Generation

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Make sure that when you are on the entrance of your dungeon to finalize you navmesh and also finalize the navmesh in your dungeon. That should solve it.

when you finalise it pay attention to any error windows that pop up- the door MUST be ontop of the navmesh :) I've been working on my own house and spent a while trying to get it right and my follower has finally followed me into my house! <3 I hope this helps some too! 

After you generate the mesh you MUST finalize it and the door MUST be ontop of the Navmesh!

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