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Bug Report: 30,000 Merchant Gold

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Greetings, Nexus Forum Goers.

I have a small error that I would like some help with.

Recently I've noticed that merchants, when I buy over 30,000 gold worth of goods from them and they end up with over that much gold in their inventory, seem to hit a wall.

Buying this much is probably hard to do unless there are mods or a great deal of valuables and ore or you buy absolutely everything a merchant in the College or some other might have. Someone with intensely valuable merchandise... yadda yadda. But, once the merchants cross this threshold, they refuse to return gold to the player when you try to sell to them. You can sell anything to them but they don't give you any gold back and their merchant gold value never decreases.

I have even gone so far as to turn off all my mods except core Skyrim and proceeded to arrange the circumstances where the merchant would have over 30,000 gold and tried the bug out. No luck. The bug occurred. The merchant wouldn't give gold back when she had over 30,000 gold for any sales.

I've been trying to find where a list of current Skyrim bugs might be to see if this bug is known, but I haven't had any luck.

I decided to post here just to get some feedback and see if this bug is happening to anyone else. Also, does anyone know where to go to report a bug in Skyrim or to look over a list of known bugs and glitches in Skyrim? I want to know if this bug is known or being worked on.

Any help or feedback or comments would be appreciated.




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I have searched around all the mod communities. This problem I got, too. Has no one any ideas how to mod this? ki75-1q-7f39.gif The modder of SexyHouseVendors described also this bug in his mod introduction.

The only way I fix this problem: open console and click on merchant, type "additem f 30000" without quotes but substract the money he/she got. I.e. merchants gold is 1200 than add money 28800. Never go too far about 30000 gold than the gold-counter of the merchant does not work anymore and you give away your items.

I would be deeply grateful if someone could solve this problem (rather bug).

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