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Sleeping Dangers Sands of Time

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Ok first off I love this mod, or rather I love this mod when its working. I just started a new game and wanted to try something different and I must say I have had some of the best Skyrim experiences I have ever had playing through your mod tonight, But unfortunately I don't think I will be able to continue to use it. I have never and( I mean never)crashed so many times than with this mod installed. Every time I fast travel now I am risking a CTD, I have to constantly save every five minutes for fear the next encounter will send me packing to the desktop once again, and sometimes I fast travel just fine, only to find out I will crash within the next 1-2 minutes.

I hate to say it but right now this mod is no where near the stability it needs to actually be played through a serious game, for constant fear of CTD's and save corruption. I have followed your instructions to the letter, with the install and the Console commands. And everything activates and plays perfectly.. until I attempt to fast travel where I 9 times out of ten crash completely. POP! Idea I will try it without the fast travel option enabled and see if I crash anymore.

Also in case you have any advice, I am using ASIS, and Immersive Creatures with this mod, and Deadly Dragons. And have let BOSS do the load ordering as you see below. Please let me know where there might be a conflict because I have been using every mod here forever and Stable. I just added yours last night and started a new game today and now I cant keep the game stable at all. Also I used your recommended ini settings for ASIS as well.

Heres my load order in case I'm doing something wrong, and thanks for any help you can provide>>

Skyrim.esm Active

Update.esm Active

Dawnguard.esm Active

HearthFires.esm Active

Dragonborn.esm Active

ApachiiHair.esm Active

Ket_ARMONIZER_v2.esm Active

SPIKE.esm Active

XFLMain.esm Active

unofficial skyrim patch.esp Active

unofficial dawnguard patch.esp Active

unofficial hearthfire patch.esp Active

unofficial dragonborn patch.esp Active

Weapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.esp Active

enhanceddynamicweathersystem.esp Active

better dynamic snow.esp Active

StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp Active

StaticMeshImprovementMod-DragonbornTernFix.esp Active

better embers.esp Active

enhanceddistantterrain.esp Active

ktxcompleteskyforge.esp Active

moredragonloot.esp Active

SleepingDangers-SandsofTime.esp Active

Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp Active

Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp Active

ValsCraftingMeltdownAlpha.esp Active

Convenient Horses.esp Active

IMAGINATOR - Visual Control for Skyrim.esp Active

SkyUI.esp Active

IMAGINATOR - MCMenu.esp Active

[ voidcraft ] the armory.esp Active

[ voidcraft ] the armory - dawnguard.esp Active

hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp Active

PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp Active

PrvtI_HeavyArmory_DG_Addon.esp Active

DDX.esp Active

ERSO 03.3 - Slighty Mighty Dawnguard Dragons.esp Active

ERSO 03.4 - Slighty Mighty Dragonborn Dragons.esp Active

DeadlyDragonsArmory.esp Active

ERSO 03.5 - New Dragon Loots.esp Active

ERSO 04 - Mighty Odahviing.esp Active

ERSO 04.2 - Mighty Durnehviir.esp Active

ERSO 05 - Dovah Holy Book.esp Active

ERSO 06 - Wait More Time Dragon Encounter x3.0.esp Active

ERSO 07 - Mighty Dragon Priests.esp Active

ERSO 09 - Vendor Trainer Quest-giver protected USKP.esp Active

quest_pitfighter.esp Active

quest_pitfighter_dlc01.esp Active

better blacksmithing.esp Active

EnhancedCrafting.esp Active

Immersive Weapons.esp Active

Ket_ARMONIZER_LListsNPC.esp Active

lush grass and trees.esp Active

1k_dds_nif_vurts-flora-overhaul.esp Active

detailed cities.esp Active

Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp Active

Crimson Tide - Blood.esp Active

unlimited amulets and rings 0.1.esp Active

zzzEverlastingWeaponEnchant.esp Active

UnlimitedEnchantments.esp Active

maxmoneymerchants3.esp Active

100XCarryWeight.esp Active

Skyrim Perk Enhancements.esp Active

SPERG Dawnguard Patch.esp Active

SPERG Dragonborn Patch.esp Active

Smithing Perks Overhaul_Remade.esp Active

XFLDialogue.esp Active

XFLPlugins.esp Active

WATER.esp Active

WATER Plants.esp Active

ASIS-Dependency.esp Active

ASIS.esp Active



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In response to post #8339288. #8339713, #8339741, #8339809, #8339940 are all replies on the same post.

Aside: please make us modders a little happier and post mod lists at www.pastebin.com, then use link instead. Does not take over comments section.
1. Asis - make sure my mod is exempted, sounds like you did. But my mod should not be bashed or altered by ASIS.
2. Ctds on fast travel ARE NOT normal to this mod. I hear you, but it is not expected behaviour or even something commonly reported. I fast travel every now and then, no ctds ever. Something is weird. Mod would not have 800 plus endorsements if that was normal.
3. Erso compatability is untried . You are the second recent person with problems that is using it. May be a coincidence, but I am starting to wonder.
4. Boss is wrong where It places my mod. Works a lot better towards the end
5. USE THE LOOSE FILES VERSION. Various reasons for this.

Barring a conflict between my mod and one of your mods I am not familiar with, a resource issue is the most likely cause. This would mean getting rid of all high res packs and textures to maximize ram and VRAM. Mods like lush grass have caused me problems. Crimson tide caused me problems too. Skyrim immersive creatures is a strong possibility too.

And yet, with all this said, I feel we are missing the root cause. 9 out of 10 ctds when fast traveling is just too off the base line. If you can test without Erso it would be a good test. Testing without the dragon mods active can prove useful as well.

If you can upload one of your recent saves somewhere so I can download it, I would like to try running it for fast travel tests.

edit: try also to set the walking script timer to 35 or 45 to see if it helps. Trying to see if it is heartbeat related.

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In response to post #8339288. #8339443, #8339741 are all replies on the same post.

Have pretty much the same issue, only I save *often*. Only mods I have in common with this guy though is Water, ERSO, Immersive weapons/armor/creatures and the unofficial patches. Since I am a habitual restarter, I keep trying to tweak my load order to reduce ctds. I didnt know about boss putting your mod in the wrong area.

Testing so far:
So far I have ruled out water, dfb random encounters and immersive creatures from causing the issue. (Started a new game, with those mods never installed, and still had the problem eventually). I have also tried using zero texture mods for terrain/etc. Considering I have a gtx 590 x 2 and a intel i7-2600k 3.4 ghz cpu with 16 gigs of ram, a couple body textures and armor shouldn't cause to much trouble. (I am guessing though)

On the bright side, I love this mod enough that I keep playing with my load order. I will also try loading this mod much later, I have been using boss for sorting its location.

edit: I wasn't going to post anything but since the other guy brought it up, I figured it might narrow down the suspects faster. Or just settle it being a resource issue. (Which I can live with).

edit2: I just read that your playing around with 6.1, I wonder if that would solve any issues! Can't wait to try it :-)

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In response to post #8339288. #8339443, #8339713 are all replies on the same post.

Mavkiel: that's three users with Erso in common. Thinking of installing it to test . Immersive creatures is also a possibility.

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In response to post #8339288. #8339443, #8339713, #8339741 are all replies on the same post.

Yeah I thought it might a possibility, except that I ran a game with it never installed and still had the problem. But, your right it might be helping things go wrong faster.

If you do play with erso, the only modules I was using that was in common with the poster was Mighty odahviing, mighty durnehiivr. Which would have to make it one odd conflict! It also took about 3 hours or so for the ctds to start happening. Not sure if its because I only visited a few different areas in that time, or something else. (It takes time to go through the start of the game, and turn in the main quest horn)

That heartbeat work around you mentioned for 6.1 might be an interesting fix if that's whats causing the problem.



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In response to post #8339288. #8339443, #8339713, #8339741, #8339809 are all replies on the same post.

Mavkiel : Looking at what happens during fast travel, it may well be the same issue as the 6.1 fix addresses. if a user is in the midst of fast travelling, and a script goes off , it will resul tin NONE errors. This in turn tends to create ctds. Yes, 6.1 may indeed help.



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In response to post #8339288. #8339443, #8339713, #8339741, #8339809, #8339940 are all replies on the same post.

Oh oh while I have your attention, have you considered making encounters with 2+ factions? Like say a bandit and an imperial soldier fighting it out. Or stormcloaks being eaten by a troll while being burned by a dragon. I call it a stormtrollon. (Like a turducken).

Basically something like the current encounters, only if the dice come out right, you get two random factions spawned next to each other. Leading to potentially humorous fights to come across. (I was playing around with dfb, which had some encounters like that)

And last question, honest! When I turn on the lore mode, does it turn off the treasure chest drops? Not had a single chest spawn. It could just be my lousy luck though :-)



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hi! I like ur mod very much!

btw, the spirits on dungeon encounters,
I am trying to track who that is invisible and keep making sounds very often (once about each 3s) by me;
the sound is like after jump someone falls to the ground foot sounds;
I think it is the spirits, I just disabled them..

one thing that happened was after I type `killall` at console; those sounds stopped, but I could find no spirit corpse (as once I saw on previous mod version)

but I think the spirits are important to improve the quality of the encounters right?
I wonder if those sounds could be nullified; or the spirits could only be spawned just before the encounter happens, would be also fun you hear those sounds as an alert lol, just use player location (I guess), to minimize the foot sounds..


EDIT: btw, I looked with more care and I think the cursed bandit outlaw (and zombies) new skelleton+normalBody model mix, is actually something VERY COOL! :D

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In response to post #8339288. #8339443, #8339713, #8339741, #8339809, #8339940, #8340011, #8340487, #8340558, #8342795 are all replies on the same post.

I used to have CTD/freezes, until I configured all the timers to high values, so encounters happen less often; I use frostfall, IMCN and some other mods that use papyrus script engine and I think them all get slow together.

after that my game is much more stable!

I think that configuration could be default; or there could have an easy option to make all encounters happen less often possible; may be 5 options: mayhen, very often, somewhat often, less often, almost never. I think my config is about "less often".

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In response to post #8340221.

Hi. I do like the cursed zombie look myself, mush spookier than vanilla. Glad you like it. On the ghosts, they are indeed crucial to proper spawning of enemies. And if you were to kill them they will not re spawn. I move them from place to place, not spawn them out of thin air. Makes the game more stable.

But you should not be able to see them or hear them or feel them. A small percentage of users seem to be able to. I never do. Other mods can cause this. For example, the mod that makes dead bodies solid so you cannot just walk through a dead body will make the ghosts touchable as well. This is game breaking. I have yet to discover which mod makes the footsteps happen. Again, they normally do not.

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