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Neck Seam Cover-Up. (will donate upon completion)

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Hello all! I am the author of Tribal Glass Armor and Weapons on skyrim nexus. As much as my downloaders, as well as myself love my suit, there will always be one thing I cant stand. The horrible, visible neck line!!! My request to any who can do it quickly, is a small, un-obnoxious amulet or choker that will perfectly cover the neck seam, and that is either a standalone item or just a part of the armor mesh that has a texture I can edit. I give permission to whoever decides to honor my request to edit the CBBE v3 version meshes of my Tribal Glass mod, to add the mesh cover, or if you just want to create an item that will do it, id be happy either way. I will donate upon completion of request! Please let me know as soon as possible if you can get this done for me!

For those of you who want to respond with, "use calientes texblend!" ive tried, and discussed it with others, its the mesh of my armor that causes the seam....

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