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Skyrim CTD on startup

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I've been having problems with Skyrim a long time now. This is my second Topic about this (the first one was about CTD with SKSE and it dropped so I didn't want to bring it up because it's not about SKSE anymore).

I deleted all my mods but Skyrim crashes on startup. I deleted (moved to another location) my saved games - nothing. I even reinstalled the game TWICE. Before installation I deleted EVERYTHING that had something to do with Skyrim; Saved games, whole skyrim folder under steam, Skyrim.ini, SkyrimPrefs.ini and cleaned registry. I have tried everything there is; Changed my sound format, checked my ATI drivers and in Steam I did the following: Verify integrity of game cache AND defragment cache files both about 10 times but no luck. Steam Cloud is disabled.

I think that I should download a copy of Skyrim (I own the game so no harm done) JUST to try if Steam is causing these problems.. I have tried both Beta and Stable release of Steam.

I'm really losing all the hope here. I've been waiting for this game from the day I heard from it, and now the only game I would like to play doesn't work. I have played this game 81 hours so it wouldn't hurt to get my saves working also.

Last but not least, all these problems started when patch came out.


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