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Cleared Karthspire early, now can't do Alduin's wall.

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As per title, I did a lot of dungeon-delving early with this character, one of the dungeons I cleared was Karthspire. Went across the bridge, to see a big hole in the ground, in a hollow mountain...

Came time to do Alduin's Wall quest, I figured it would be like other dungeons with dual purposes - that now there would be a path at the end of the bridge. But nnnNNNOOOOOOOooooo.... Still just a big, rubble filled hole in a hollow mountain.... And three NPC's and one PC just staring down, all dressed to kill and no where to go.

Any good ideas?

(OOOh - OOOh - I have one! I need to do those quests again and get a Screenshot! Let's see.... that's tm for toggle menus, right? And tfc 1 to freeze the action.... Right?

I've checked around quite a bit, and have never heard of this situation happening to anyone else. Lucky me, right? 60 hrs of gameplay since I first cleared Karthspire...)




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I've never heard of this problem, before, either. I almost suspect a mod conflict of some sort. Do you have any mods installed which might have modified Karthspire in any way? If so, changes can persist in your save game even if you have uninstalled a game. It's theoretically possible that uninstalling such a mod might leave you with missing meshes. Have you tried starting a brand new game just to test out whether or not Karthspire is intact?



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hi croc123, so after finishing quest 'A Cornered Rat' you were given quest 'Alduin's Wall' and you're now with Delphine+Esbern at Karthspire.
Your issue is Karthspire cavern is now glitched (since you cleared it previously and lowered the bridge); and,
the opening at the other side of the puzzle bridge is still blocked with rubble; therefore, the quest is stuck..

Just a suggestion (no idea if this will work...), you might have some luck using console command:
' RESETINTERIOR <locationid> ' which resets an entire cell to default -
- might need to also use command ' PCB ' to purge your recently visited/cached cell buffers.

Not sure what the exact LOCATIONID is that you'll need to use for that cavern space.
You can find known ID's by using the search database tool here: http://www.skyrimsearch.com/cells.php

ID Name COC Code X, Y World
00009580 Karthspire Camp KarthspireCamp -31, 2 Tamriel
000356A6 Karthspire Plate Start KarthspirePlateStart 32, -1 KarthspireRedoubtWorld
00007171 Karthspire Redoubt Exterior KarthspireRedoubtExterior -33, 1 Tamriel
00007152 Karthspire Redoubt Exterior 02 KarthspireRedoubtExterior02 -33, 2 Tamriel
000099C2 Karthspire Redoubt Exterior 03 KarthspireRedoubtExterior03 -32, 0 Tamriel
000075A3 Karthspire Redoubt Exterior 04 KarthspireRedoubtExterior04 -33, 0 Tamriel
000356A3 Karthspire Redoubt Start KarthspireRedoubtStart 33, -1 KarthspireRedoubtWorld

ID Name COC Code X, Y World
000161EB Sky Haven Temple SkyHavenTemple N/A Interiors
000356A9 Sky Haven Temple Entrance SkyHavenTempleEntrance 31, -1 KarthspireRedoubtWorld
00007153 Sky Haven Temple Exterior SkyHavenTempleExterior -34, 2 Tamriel
00007173 Sky Haven Temple Exterior 02 SkyHavenTempleExterior02 -35, 1 Tamriel

You can go nutz and confirm the Karthspire cavern location ID (where the blocked puzzle bridge opening is).
Travel back there, use command: GetInCellParam <Cell ID> <Object ID> ; confirms if an object is in a specified cell.
example: GetInCellParam 356A9 14 would tell you whether or not the player is in Sky Haven Temple Entrance.
(getincell >> 0.00= not present, 1.00=present).
Can be used to confirm if your character or an NPC is in a particular cell.

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Unsure about this one - My own experience - your mileage may vary.


As for the rubble filled passage and missing scenery - just didn't happen to me. Possibly a mod that changes the area? or a mod that changes something there, and was later removed without re-adding the vanilla assets?



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My experience with clearing Karthspire early on one character was exactly like bben46's. I was in quite a panic until Delphine and Esbern finally decided to stop hanging around the first bridge and follow me onward. I've never seen a rubble-filled passage anywhere in Karthspire.




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Ooops, posted on the wrong tropic, sorry

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Couldn't you just disable the rubble?

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