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Crime immersion mod!!!

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No modding skill but i have an idea and should be easy to do!
Skyrim is medieval, why are there no morning executions?

Why no stormcloaks getting dragged before the people of skyrim and beheaded each morning?

why are the jails empty?

Why dont citizens steal or pickpocket and guards dont "escort" them to prison? (it was done in oblivion reneers guard overhaul mod)

Would be good if this happened, the imersion would be unbeliavable. Each morning at 8am an executioner and "prisoner" spawn in each city and he gets beheaded. You can save the prisoner and if you manage to get him a certain distance out the city (he will fight way out and stop if he makes it x amount of distance away from mian gate) he can be talked to. He will thank you and also offer to be a companion.

This companion CAN die! it ,means you can finally have companions that could possibly die! making your adventures in dungeons more exciting and u could build an attachment and suddenly lose your friend!

If your bounty gets too high you too could face the executiones block. You will be in prison and when you go to sleep instead of a message saying the usual (serve your sentence) it will say (Reflect on your life) and you will appear at the block in the city you are in.
Like marriage, some friends will appear to witness.


You have 2 options in this situation.
Escape prison as usual.

Have plenty of companions currently with you like you can in (UFO)

In UFO you can make your followers "relax" so not be with you yet technically they still are attached and associated with you
If you have followers in this state a script will summon them in pre-determined rescue points and they will become aggressive with the guard and executioner. This aggression will also interrupt the execution and just turn guards hostile towards you and your companions. Added functionality should also allow the prisoners to 'relax' to be in this state also.

You can also save the 'prisoner' npc in jail cells if you want to build a troop of npcs rather quickly to take into dungeons etc. Dress them all up in your imperial or stormcloak gear and take the fight to the enemy just like Spartacus!

imagine the possibilities?

i have no modding skills but anyone who has played this game must agree it would be awesome huh?

Npc followers that can die would be a good thing. Someone who isnt important and replaceable yet if you kit them out right, will survive long enough. it would add excitement as you would seek to protect them.


Change the prisoner npc that gets escorted by imperials to the new type prisoner that can join you if rescued. i never understood why bother rescuing them if they run away with your stuff and dont even thank you.

i mentioned friends will appear to bear witness to your death using the same script similar to marriage.
for example Gerdur from riverwood will appear to watch etc if you just done quest for her know what i mean?
If an attempt on your rescue is done, these npcs will not interfere with the guards or be hostile towards anybody. They will have their own script which will just make them walk back home. If you interact with them they will say the usual text when trouble is around "Look out" or "watch out"

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I like this idea, my main character isn't a dragonborn, he's just a simple assassin, but at times he seems too -invincible- it would be great if you get caught with murder, other than paying a 1000 gold coin fee, you face the chopping block..It would take assassin immersion to the next level..I'm not a modder but it couldn't possibly be too difficult to set up a chopping block in each city and have all the hold npc's gather around to watch.




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Love this idea. Anything that adds immersion gets a plus one from me. I have an additional idea to add onto the executions;


When you're caught for a serious crime, like murder for example. You're escorted to the cells and locked up for a night, awaiting your execution the following morning. This would still give the player that last 'get out of jail free card', lock-pick scenario.. and so much more would be at stake as you try desperately not to break your one and only, life saving lock-pick.


I had suggested this mod a while ago, but nobody picked it up. I'm modestly adept with the Creation Kit though, so I'm willing to help out if someone wants to do the grunt work?

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