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Skyrim target locking(with player looking at the good direction for ev

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I'm a french physically disable gamer, i love skyrim but i have some dificulties to follw ennemies with my mouse. So, the requested mod should allow people to lock/unlock an ennemy by pressing a custom key/mouse button. in my mind, locking only means player's eye is alway centred on locked mob, it's not an auto fight mod, so, the player should be able to stab or shoot an arrow, cast a spell or shout.

Is there possibilities to do that ?




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You do not need to be physically disable to look for a lock on system. In my opinion fighting mechanism is the most frustrating part of skyrim (and I will most probably stop playing thing game because of this f**ked up fighting system) because you can easily see your computer managed followers/friends are doing just fine on turning-selecting-attacking enemies while I myself having trouble just to face a enemy correctly and very often hitting-killing (and making enemy out of) my followers/friends.
I start playing this game using keyboard-mouse but because of this turning-facing problem I got myself a xbox-controller by thinking that this game was originally design for consoles so controlling will be a charm using a xbox controller! But to my utter disappointment fight part become worst with the controller, using mouse it maybe harder to turn left/right but if the character look up/down it can be easily fixed but with the controller-joystick it is equally hard to turn left/right/up/down.
So I will really appreciate if some great soul would come up with a solution for this, I saw people in different forums are talking about this but I am yet to find a working solution. Links to some discussion:
  • http://www.gameskyrim.com/melee-lock-t198457.html
  • http://www.gameskyrim.com/viabilty-lock-t194365.html

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