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Looking for a mod to help me here

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So, I used to have the problem with Esbern where he did not speak. When you met him in The Ratway he froze and his audio files were apparently missing.

I downloaded a mod which fixed this issue. However the Dragon Hunting quest that starts when you recruit 3 blades never occurs, the dialogue option is never shown. From the wiki it says this quest starts with Esbern, and then is continued with Delphine...since i have never been able to activate it from either Delphine or Esbern I cannot tell you which one starts it. But neither have a option for starting it.

Figuring i may have not been far enough in the main quest, i completed it, SPOILERS with killing Paarthunax.

If I can start this quest via console codes, or a mod i would appreciate a response telling me how to do so. I contacted Bethesda on Monday, but they have not responded...so i turned here.

Thank you in advance




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Might try posting this query in the mod detectives folder at the top of this board.

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