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Fast firing crossbow

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In a mod that I am creating, I want there to be a type of crossbow, based on the Dawnguard crossbows, that fires at a more rapid rate. I started off by duplicating the regular crossbow, but in the edit window, i found nothing that would edit the amount of bolts fired per shot. Can anyone help me figure this out?




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As I get it, You want weapon to shoot multiple projectiles at once?
There is "# projectile" field in weapon data, which can be adjusted, to allow weapon shoot more projectiles per once. Only problem there is that all projectiles will be launched at same time, so effect won't be noticeable.
Also I haven't found any "spread" option for arrow projectile and, sadly, it looks like all projectile mechanics are hard coded into engine itself. So scripting is only solution here.

Or You want to make weapon automatic? Well, then scripting is also only possible solution.

Correct me, if I got it wrong.

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