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Wedding with Serana

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Although there exists already a mod but I wonder if you can get married on chetas Serena?
Here's what I've found on a forum:
Two prerequisites before you can marry Serena!
First You play Skyrim on PC.
Second You need to create the "Amulet of Mara," the amulet, so you're at all "marriageable".
The menu bar with the open button, connect the desired person ^ click and type the following commands in the console:

addfac 19 809 1 (this is the group of people, of marriageable)
setrelationshiprank player 4 (which is the "view" of the person 4 = love)

has anyone tried this already?

And it is often possible to get married?

There are also a cheat which allows you to get a divorce.
removefac 51 596
This command deletes the partner from the group of married.
When I type now addtofaction 51 596 and change the relationship I would rank it or be married to this person?

Were cool if someone could test only once in a week because I can play again :) Skyrim

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I did try this with the console but she won't marry cause she something about her past something like that, etc.

Did you said that there is mod to marry her? IF there is pls post a link.



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AFAIK, the voice set for Serana is unique and doesn't have the correct files for the marriage/spouse dialogues, so there is a lot of "blank" or silent options ... I'm also unsure if she will have the normal spouse behavior options, like cooking meals and staying in your house ... It's worth a try I guess.
BTW, there is a topic already in the "Spoilers" section about this same subject.

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