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Helmets, Hoods + Hair = Hair not removed

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Hi all

Is it possible to stop hair removal with hoods; and avoid clipping..

Is there a mod around which stops the removal of hair, either hoods (And including Nocturnals) and Helmets. So the hair remains visable (Even if it switches hair style a bit to avoid clipping) - For example.. In one of the loading screens; theres a Thalmor Wizard with a Daedric Sword. He's wearing a hooded version of the robes and his hair shows some coming out of the hood.. This is the kind of effect I want to replicate with every other "Baggy" hood;- like the Novice Mage Hood etc - Not the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild

I've tried to mess around in the Creation Kit, and experiment with it. But sadly the results remained the same everytime. If I uncheck the "Hair" part in the biped objects, the hood or helmet would simply just not appear. Even switch it to an Unnamed (Considering there is 50 or so extra unbound biped areas) - the results remained the same.

Any ideas? If this has been done before; please point me to it.. I must have it! :P



P.S. My modding capability is very bad. I simply do not have the skill, or patience (Since i'd just get angry when things didn't work..)



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You're not going far enough.

Not only do you have to uncheck the Hair checkbox in each Armor Item entry for the helms, but you also have to do it for each ArmorAddOn entry for the helms, and then you have to use nifskope to edit the actual mesh files for the helms and change each helmets BSDismemberSkinInstance Partition BSDIsmemberBodyPartType value from SBP_31_HAIR to SBP_32_BODY.

Even if you do this you won't be able to stop the clipping because what do you think happens in real life when we put on a hat or helmet?
Our hair gets squished against our head.
This doesn't happen in Skyrim. Hair always retains its volume because this kind of physics does not exist.

Fallout3/Vegas had a system where each head of hair had two meshes. One of those two meshes was the hairstyle with a helmet/hat on. This features, as far as I believe, does not exists in Skyrim. It is possible, however, to make such a system, but it would require some advanced scripting. Even if you got it working, you'd still have to go to the effort of shaping every hair mesh to include "helmet on" versions.

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