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Very High Hrothgar - Huge Tower With Enemies

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In response to post #10652581. #10960384 is also a reply to the same post.

Dragonborn is NOT required for this mod to work.
I will try to fix this mod without having to do everything all over again. So far without any luck.

Watch out for updates.




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A sandwich. I climbed all the way up there for a sandwich. You made me suicide off.

Great mod btw =)




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Can you get permission to use Monster mod contents from the author? Monster mod itself will mess with my leveled lists. I'm using requiem so I don't want those monsters scattered all across tamriel.. your castle be fine.. but yeah.. can you get permission to strip those contents so we dont need monster mod.




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Mod seems to be awesome ,aside two points:
1) You said the file is very likely not going to work,so for now just keeping an eye out,maybe two.

2)That monsters mod sucks (at least last time I tried it,pretty much broke my game,or was it another mod?Hmm...),could you release a .esp that doesn't access it?

Let us know of any advances and good luck!I love that kind of very hard,lore-unfriendly mod.I suggest you take a look and play a bit Sanctum of the Fallen myself,best mod of the kind I played for skyrim so far.

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