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Vampire feed animation not playing

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Well I've effectively spent more time fixing bugs than playing this game... It kind of makes you sad considering that all the patches + the unofficial patches fix a few thousand(?) bugs and still somehow the freaking game breaking ones are still there...

Anyway to get to the point, my vampire feed animation stopped working. At first it stopped working when I installed Brehnim something something vampire mod and even after I uninstalled it it was still broken and somehow I managed to fix it by installing and uninstalling almost everything and now it stopped working again even though I avoided brehnim something something vampire mod completely.

It starts working again if I disable dawnguard and stops if I enable it so it's somehow related to dawnguard or something I can't even begin to understand what it could be tied to since I completely disabled all mods made a clean save and deleted the meshes, scripts and textures folders and it still would not work.

To clarify my character does feed but the animation does not play, my character just stands there doing nothing after which I regain control so it's not related to the other bugs I've read about searching for a fix.
While the sleeping animation does not freeze up my char, feeding with vampires seduction does.

Any help would be much appreciated.

After cleaning out my save yet another time some functionality seems to have returned, animations play except in certain cases (ex: the sleep feed animation will not play in breezehome) and I no longer lose control of my character. But at this rate I will have to clean my save every time I want to play...

Also in oblivion there were 2 animations for feeding off sleeping NPCs: Bed and bedroll, in Skyrim however the bedroll animation seems to be missing.

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