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xbox 360 controller config file? save location?

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i use an xbox 360 controller map mod. its great, works perfectly, but it doesnt allow for dual parry.

so i downloaded dual parry. and used XPADDER, great little thing, to find a key to map to

problem is, all the keys are taken by this custom mod which i love, and Xpadder doesnt seem able to map a combination of buttons, like LB+RB which is currently quicksave, which i could sacrifice for dual parry.

so, i tried to change it manually but i cant make heads or tails out of the file it uses. just a bunch of 0xff binary stuff that i literally cannot figure out what to change to what.

so, i decided to remap the controller via xpadder and switch sneak with switch view modes for various reasons. it was the most sacrificial, because skyrim still switches view mods once i release the button, so it just forces me to switch when i toggle sneak


at this point my controller starts freaking out. im not sure what happened, but it just started playing up. so in the trouble shooting phase i adjusted some of the inmenu mapping functions, accidently changing activate from 'A' to LS click. which is ok in theory, but not when for whatever reason your LS is still sneaking and you can no longer activate s***. have to unplug my controller just to get to the damn save file. anway, for what ever reason, or combination of reasons. selfincflicted im sure. i cannot change or revert my keys Inside of Skyrims Menu. so im looking to restore them by deleting what ever is created when i change them. so is there a file created somewhere? a custom controller config file i can just delete that puts them back to default??

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