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Vilja in Skyrim

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Love the mods, please continue to work on this and any other mods you have in mind. I can't wait.

As for those who said bad things about it. You always have an option of not using it, noone is forcing you.




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You changed something that I hate in the Elder Scrolls; the ability to breathe life into a companion, something that Bethesda lacks in substance. You've given her desires and a personality unmatched.

These are some of the things I missed when I was playing dragon age. Hope that Bethesda sees this and learns from you in this regard, especially in the romance arena.



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Checked my mod list to make sure and I do not have that mod installed. So what I am going to do is start unchecking mods to see if I can find which one is causing the conflict. I do not have that many installed in this installation so it shouldn't take to long to test it out.

alright, I see. If you don't have any mods that alters inns, then I'm on the wrong track. could you check what happens if you buy her a few drinks in another inn? I.e. give her enough drinks so that she decides to go and, well, do something...



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Checked my mod list to make sure and I do not have that mod installed. So what I am going to do is start unchecking mods to see if I can find which one is causing the conflict. I do not have that many installed in this installation so it shouldn't take to long to test it out.

alright, I see. If you don't have any mods that alters inns, then I'm on the wrong track. could you check what happens if you buy her a few drinks in another inn? I.e. give her enough drinks so that she decides to go and, well, do something...

I didn't chatch what was supposed to happen in that tabern until now!

@Golden Thief, what happens if you reset her and then have various rounds again.




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Hey guys, there's word that the new DLC will take place on Solsteim. If this is so, will you take advantage of it?




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Phuri726 not hurting someone feelings is extremelly easy. Indeed I now I'm doing exactly that. Not hurting your feelings. Hope everyone follows this extremelly easy to follow example.

Problem is, I have about 100 mods, I don't want to sit down & figure out where she should be in the load order to be honest. Yes I have BOSS, that didn't seem to put her in the right spot, but oh well. I have nothing but good things to say about the mod, effort, the creator, & enjoyed the voice acting too. Just don't feel up to going through effort of it, if you want to see what I am rocking mod wise, here.

A Quality World Map
Armored Circlets
Better Eagle Eye Perk
Better Females by Bella
Better Males
Bi-Polar Blade
Black Armor Bandit Pack
Bloody Cannabilism
Breton Cleric Delphine
Calientes Female Body Mod
Categorized Favorites Menu
Change Spouses Outfit
Colored Map Makers(Currently not installed, do to 1.8 broke it)
Craftable Headsman Axe
Craftable Crossbows & Bolts
Crimson Tide
Dawnguard Enhanced Armory
Dawnguard Glowing Vampire Eye Fix
Dawnguard Vampire Royal Armor Fix
Dexena - New Argonian Follower
Dorjiram Female Khajiit Companion
Dreik - Breton Companion
Dungeon Quest Awareness
Enhanced Character Edit
Evil Mastermind Armor
FalmersBanes -Gothic Illia
Female Orc & Followers Walk & Animation
Female Vampire Eye Fix
Female Vampires Have Fangs
Female Werewolf
Follower Trap Safety
Fores New Idles in Skyrim
Girls of Skyrim - 4 Companions
Glowing Ore Veins
Headsman Axe Fixed
Heavy Armory
Higher Magic - Marry All
High-Res Female Orc Skin
Immersive Armors
Immersive Armors for NPCs
Ishs Respec Mod
Khajiit Claw Fix
Knight Of Thorns Armor & Spear Of Thorns
Lady Brooksie
LeatherBound Huntress Armor
Less Bulky Glass Armor
Lockpicking Tree
Lost Longswords
Moonpath To Elsweyr
Move It Dammit For NPCs
My Home Is Your Home
Nepalese Kukri
New Animation for 1H Weapon
New Animation for Running With Bow
Nightingale Crossbow
Nights Watch Armor
Niia Of Whiterun
Nira - Orc Companion
Noble Artifacts For Skyrim - Umbra
Nordic Spellweaver Armor
Northman Armor
Numenume Hair
One Handed Warhammers
Orc Companion - Vin
Orc Follower - Glash
Ordinary Weapons For Skyrim - Blunt Weapons
Ordinary Weapons For Skyrim - Redguard Blades
Ore & Ingots Merchant
PC Exclusive Animation Path
Ritter Armor
Readable Roadsigns
Redguard Companion - Kyia
RQ - Thickskinned Argonians
Run For Your Lives
Sai-Suu - Dark Elf Follower
Glowing Eyes v.4
Specialzied Followers
Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
Spouses Can Live Everywhere
Female Khajiit Archer - Rubee Shan
Steel Woodcutters Axe
The Dance Of Death - A Killmove Mod
The Eyes Of Beauty
The Grayson Sword
Thrassian Plaguesword
Tina - Breton Follower(Though this mod not around anymore, was taken down Oct. 31st)
Torch Arrows
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Vampire Crossbow
Vilja In Skyrim(Though removed for now)
Visarra - Female Orc Follower
VOM - Passive Night Vision For Vampires
Weapon Expertise
Wear Circlets With Hoods
Weightless Items
Winter Is Coming - Cloaks
Woman Of Skyrim - Enhanced Female Normalmaps
Wood Elf Archer - Caellon
Xena - Warrior Princess Armor
Yngol Barrow Button Fix
Zero Effort Lockpicking




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Been waiting a long while for this, at long last I have continuity betwwen oblivion and skyrim!
Keep up the good work, ignore the trolls and let the downloads and endorsements speak for themselves.

i love it :)

please ignore people hate your voice. many love it and your mods emma. and for me your mods bring me a lot of fun and... much love in a game. sry for bad english i cant it better say.

Thanks to people reassuring Emma voiceacting :) . Being your work and event your own voice bashed that way by various persons is really moral-breaking to anyone.


A few rude comments should not disuade you from modding. Think instead about the amazing response you've had to your mod. Also, think about how many rude comments Bethesda has had about their games. I'm glad they didn't let rude comments convince them to switch to making a golf simulator game or something.

Personally, I think they should hire you to design companion NPCs.

I have no problems with the voice acting myself. Your accent, and even the occasional grammar oddity fit the character just great. I wouldn't change anything about that. Minor issues like the difference between bath (a noun) and bathe (a verb, pronounced with a long A sound), are totally ignoreable.

Volume issues are not very intrusive, and are fixable down the road.

Some of the conversations with other companions are a little odd and forced, but that's due to having to work with existing companion voicework, not a problem with your own voicework. You did an amazing job with what you had to work with.

I think the only thing I would suggest to make your own voicework fit better would be to have it be a little more fast-paced and less calm-sounding. THough perhaps being an alchemist maybe Vilja is sneaking bites of an anxiolytic herb...

In the meantime, please please please don't stop! (Begging...)

Thank you all for the encouragement :)

No, I'm not quitting :).

Also I can see that +700 endorsements in 36 hours probably means that the majority don't mind my accent.

I'm sorry that I am a bit touchy today, though, I normally hardly ever get upset if someone is bashing me. But it has been quite a lot of bashing today, mostly on Youtube, and the timing is not so good; someone very, very dear to me died early this morning, so I'm not quite myself.

It means a lot that I feel the support from so many of you :) .

And thank you for the constructive feedback, Sunfall, the kind of suggestions you provide can actually help me improve what I'm doing. :)

Making a mod where you not only write the story and dialog but also literally put your voice into the main character is, well, giving away a part of yourself to others, hopefully to share and enjoy. I have always been happy doing so, during my +10 years as a modder I have always felt the people in this community were my *friends*. And giving to friends is always a pleasure; it's heartwarming to know that others are enjoying what I have created. It has always been like that in the Morrowind community and in the Oblivion community. I have been hoping, and am still hoping, it will be the same in the Skyrim community....

If not, I will surely not take up stricking instead, just simply return to modding for the older Elder Scrolls games instead.

Well, this got kind of personal, more personal than what I had intended.... So guess I should now either just delete my post - or put my trust in that I'm among friends also here. I think I take the risk and decide that I'm among friends, so that I dare to post this... :)




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I actually went back a few pages to see if there really were people bashing Emma for the voice acting, and was really surprised that a lot of people are doing that... WTH people...? Really? To each his own, I guess.
For what is worth, I really enjoy Emma's voice acting and I find her accent very sexy.

And well, I'm not sure this got through with the Nexus behaving weirdly these days, so I'll just quote my previous post. I hope you guys don't mind.

I don't have that Data\textures\actors\character\female\EMVilja folder, so I created it and put the EMVilja_sk.dds inside and nothing happened. =/
Here's a better screenshot of the mismatch, without the cloak and armor:


Everytime I export her facegen her face gets really weird and very different from her original unique face. And even when I do export her facegen, I still get that mismatch.




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how long does she finish collection? 1 day, ten days, or very very long, what is her own ingredients, can i find all of them then drops and oder her pick up?



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Exsanguinato, I think you must have face tints and things in your folders that are affecting Vilja. Her eyebrows look distinctly different from what they are supposed to look, and in another screenie you posted (I actually thought Lycanthrops replied, but maybe his reply vanished due to the nexus issues) she appeared to have almost white lips.

I know he will check back here tomorrow again; he is the one who has read up mostly on face-issues, so he'll probably give a much better answer than I. But there is something apart from the darker color that isn't right; she seems to be affected by some makeup-mod.

Edit: and thank you for the kind words regarding my voice :)

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