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Hi-Res Texture Mods made easy

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Article link: Hi-Res Texture Mods made easy

Trying to give some directions for starters in texture editing.

To follow the steps given in this article you'll need:

Adobe Photoshop 7 (or higher)
Nvidia´s .dds plugin
FO3 Archive


All the textures are stored in DataFallout - Textures.bsa
Install FO3 Archive and use it to open that file.
You'll be presented with a tidy tree, listing any ...

Inside of the various directorys you will find the actual textures.

Be aware that bethesda used different sized textures for 1st person & 3rd person views - probably for performance reasons and/or console compatibility - this also makes any object look totally low-res and blurred once you drop it or look at it in VATS/3rd person/etc.

You dont want to use the 3rd person textures for any Hi-Res approach.
All the 1st person textures bear a "1stperson" prefix in their file names, so they can easily be distinguished from their ugly brothers.

1. smaller textures use less memory / hence give better performance
2. bigger textures use more memory / ... you know the drill

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