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DEFAULT body type

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I was reading through modding junk earlier while building some unpb bbp and unp bbp chsbhc base models and kind of looked at something that got my attention but i wasn't to clear on -

1. if the race that I am playing does not supply it's own body type that means that it uses the DEFAULT that I have made and put into the skyrim data directories correct?

2. if the race I am playing uses the default body type does that mean that all other npcs in the game are forced to use the vanilla body type?? I THINK that is how I took it

so - next question - the race I am playing does not supply it's own body type so if the above is true, I am guessing I should use CK to create my own character/race and then leave my default body type to the rest of the games npcs to use??

---- wasn't sure if i was thinking right on this or not -

thanks for the answers


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