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Some NMM UI Comments

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This is some comments on the NMM UI display:

1. At one time the NMM UI remembered how you configured the two tabs (Plugins, Mods) columns widths, but now it doesn't and NMM always resets the columns to their default width each time you run the utility. This always results in truncated text for each tab, and it's worse looking now in the Mod tab because of the new Endorsement column. All of which makes it pretty pointless to have the ability to adjust column widths. What're the chances of this being fixed?

2. You need a new settings option that lets you choose which Tab you want to be the default displayed tab when the utility is run. I don't know about others but it's more logical to me to first display the tab I use the most, which is the Mods tab. Basically, I don't need to check the Plugins tab until after I've finished working with the Mods tab, so it'd be nice if I could choose which one is the default.

3. The 'Add Missing Info to Mods' option in Settings\General needs a new sub-option asking if you want "descriptions" included as part of the missing info.

Up to now I've always had this option turned off because the last thing I want is the description for a mod to pop up in the Mod tab display each time I click the mouse on any mod, especially as I don't run the utility full screen. I turned that off partly because the quality of the displayed description varied wildly, depending on whether the mod even had a fomod to start with or an authors ability to write coherently. Pretty much though I turned it off because I edit the fomods to keep my mods sorted in the Mod tab according to type (display, map, fixes, NPC etc), the order I load them in, and finally because I generally delete the description field, and only use it for a few mods for which I need to keep a small subset of mod info readily handy.

I find that with the latest NMM versions (0.30.0+) you need to have the 'Add Missing Info to Mods' option activated if you want each mod link to the website for the latest version to always be active. It seems, at least on my end, that fomods now require this option to be activated in order for the website links to work. Unfortunately that also means, for almost every mod I have installed, I get description fields I don't want at any time and that my own edited description fields are trashed,

This probably makes it evident that I mostly manually install mods, and use NMM for keeping track of them after they're installed.


All of which, talking about the above, probably comes under the heading of minor quibbling... :biggrin:

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