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Attacked imperial soldiers in eastmarch.. and stormcloaks wanna arrest

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yep as in title. I still haven't sided with Stormcloaks yet, but I'm planning to do it later, so until then I tend to kill every single imperial soldier I come across to get those S.O.B.'s outta Skyrim :P So I was in Darkwater Crossing and 2 of those attacked village. I helped the guards kill them and lol guards wanted to arrest me (I made sure not to hit a guard!). Stormcloak guards wanted to arrest me for killing imperial soldiers on their ground? Wtf? any solution? Any help? :)

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I don't why they attacked you, but if you don't want to reload your save, there are console commands to get them to deaggro;
check out this page: http://www.uesp.net/.../Skyrim:Console

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